I was just googling for an interesting and fun way to write an intro for my first blog. That’s when I remembered the endless slambooks we all used to write back in school and so here goes. Some questions are copied & some modified.

Read more, get to know me more!

P.S. Don’t forget to leave your comments or even answer a few questions! Enjoy 🙂

Name – Nisreen Fidahusen

Petnames – Nishu, Nish, Fatso (husband calls me that although am thinner than ‘thin’), Murderer (best friend calls me this in her mobile!)

Working or Studying or other – Happily unemployed but desperately looking fr work..

Describe yourself in 3 sentences – hmmm thats a difficult one for a complicated person like me to ans..ok…

1) I live to eat

2) A sleeping beauty truly

3) Cherish my family and friends more than anything and above everything

Married/Happily single – Happily married to Murtaza

Some words or phrases you use most – Whatever, cool, dont eat my head, junglee (wild-crazy in eng)..

Your hobbies – Eating, shopping, talking, laughing, baking..

Have any scars – Nope

Do you know what time you were born – I guess early morning around 3a

One thing you’d change about yourself – hmm..definitely my short temper

If you could meet one person, dead or alive, who would it be – Alive – Hrithik Roshan / Dead – My grandmother..miss her a lot…

What is your favorite thing to wear – Jeans any day..

What’s your favorite food – wld a cuisine do? Chinese any day!

Favorite friend Best/fav friend all time Judy…

Hottest guy – My 3 yr old nephew Ammar..

If you are alone on an Island and you have only one partner to choose..whom would you choose ,why – Ammar…he does come up with some weird & adorable ideas

What is your favourite Disney movie – very predictably, Cinderella!

Do you get scared of the dark – very much

Coffee or energy drinks – hot choc

Who is the last person you made mad – Murtaza

Favourite clothing brand(s) – oh I’v got many…Splash, Zara, Max, Giordano, Bossini…

What’s your dream car – Audi, BMW 2 door

First job – aftr I finished my 12th…receptionist/secretary in an insurance firm..

Do you wish on stars – not really..jst fr fun sometimes

Favourite pizza topping – Cheeeessee!

How do you release your anger – scream it out on my husband, my punching bag!

Do you use sarcasm – are you kidding me?!

Zodiac sign – Cancer

Eye colour – Dark brown

Hair color – Black

Summer or winter – had enough of heat for 24 yrs so definately winter now…