This is one of the first desserts I made and was a 200% success on the first go itself. This is when I discovered my passion for making desserts.

Its called Pineapple Soufle. Well the name basically depends on which fruit(s) you are using. Since I first made this using Pineapples, I shall share the recipe using the same fruit too.


1 Pineapple jello packet boiled in water

1 can of Pineapple pieces excluding the syrup

1 can nestle cream

Condensed milk (depending on the sweetness you want)


  1. You start with making the jelly as per the instructions on the box of the Jello. Leave it to cool.
  2. In a blender, blend the cream, canned fruit (without the juice/syrup) or fresh fruits, condensed milk and the cooled jello. Blend it together real good. I usually add just a little condensed milk to begin with. And then as per the taste of all the ingredients blended together, add more. The secret of this recipe is that the ingredients should be blended together for a good amount of time.
  3. Pour in container and set it in the fridge for atleast 5 hours before serving. You can garnish it with fruits, chocolates anything. I prefer grated choc. 🙂

You can also try mixing two fruits. That way, one fruit will be in the form of the jello and other the canned fruit.

Happy Eating!


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