Yesterday was a memorable/interesting day for 2 reasons.

1)      I did what I love! Designed the new office for ‘sy Engage’. Pooja Mahajan you’re a sweetheart for recommending me (see I didn’t use ‘thankyou’)! My first design project in Auckland and enjoyed every moment of it. The creative team at sy Engage was so friendly and welcoming (unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to meet the whole team); I had a creative time brainstorming there after a long time. And the best part was I got to work with the colors I love; red, white, grey and black (coincidentally the company’s brand colors too)! What I really liked there was that Simon Young and his team is so focused on what they are doing (Social media marketing), they have a reason behind each color, which they stand for soo passionately! Giving the space a young and dynamic feel was surely a great challenge! Space planning, color coordination and furniture selection/placement for their 2 studios – truly the highlight of my day!

2)      And since I was in the city, which was buzzing with sales, how can I not shop! (And plus I was waiting for Murtaza to finish his work to go home together..if this counts for a good excuse..) And from here starts the interesting part of my day. We sat in the wrong bus (actually it was M who made us sit in the wrong bus..since am still new to the buses here, I just followed him)! The bus did go half way to our place and then on to the route it was supposed to. And that’s when my dear M asks me “Where is the bus going? Which bus are we on??!!” He got my best ‘ur-dead’ look till date. I walked for a good 30 minutes back home in a 2 inch heels! Ofcourse screaming at him every second of it!

Morals of yesterday: It’s always a pleasure to work with companies with a vivid imagination like sy Engage. AND…

Don’t expect much from husbands after you’ve debited their card!


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