Its Eid again…Eid Mubarak everyone!! 😀

Yet another celebration away from home…these are the days when you miss your family back home. Eid back in Dubai, in a Muslim country has its own charm. I still remember my last Eid there, going for the Eid prayers, meeting and greeting everyone. Coming home and preparing a lavish lunch, calling family and friends. Literally the whole country is closed. The roads are lit, the country is awake the whole night, people shopping and the whole country celebrating with you.

Its different in a western country. In many ways. But Murtaza and I have gone over this so many times in the past 2 days, I don’t want to write about it and think about the cons again. So staying in the spirit of Eid and celebrations, we did have our fun in our own way. Actually it was a good day. We had one-dish party for lunch and ate till we cried (my biryani turned out to be a bit spicy). And oh yes, I made the traditional sweet, maleedo all by myself for the very first time!! I am so proud of myself. It turned out to be a lil extra sweet, but my family is known for its very sweet tooth. We played our regular Indian game Dadu; girls vs guys which always ends up with the guys being beaten up (physically and mentally) by us girls, regardless of who wins! A quiet and relaxing dinner ended our 2nd Eid away from family.

It back to the usual weekday grind from tomorrow. Murtaza is off and its time for me to hit the bed too. For all you who have just started their day, enjoy your Eid. And for the rest, hope you had a memorable one. 🙂


I was talking to my colleague yesterday about Dec plans when I told her its my first wedding anniversary in Dec. She’s a lil elderly so she got pretty excited and started telling me about her days and anniv gifts.She said something very interesting about anniversaries, which got me very excited. So in the evening very enthusiastically I started this conversation with Murtaza, but in return I got ‘oh shit ya its our 1st anniversary this year!?!‘….pretty please tell me this is every household’s story..!!  sigh !

SO anyways coming back to the main topic..the interesting thing about anniversaries..did you know every anniv has a traditional and modern gift?? Like the first wedding anniversary’s traditional gift is paper and modern is clock. So that would be anything made of paper like handmade cards, posters etc. Pretty cool ya. So I goggled it up and apparently there is a traditional and modern gift/way of celebrating every wedding anniversary from the 1st to the 100th. And this dates back to the Middle Ages.

1st Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Paper
Modern Gifts: Clocks

2nd Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Cotton
Modern Gifts: China

3rd Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Leather
Modern Gifts: Crystal

4th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Fruit or Flowers
Modern Gifts: Appliances

5th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Wood
Modern Gifts: Silverware

10th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Tin or Aluminum
Modern Gifts:Diamond Jewelry (waiting for this!!)

15th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Crystal
Modern Gifts: Watches

25th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Silver
Modern Gifts: Silver

30th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Pearl
Modern Gifts: Diamond (yaay 1 more diamond set!)

50th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Gold
Modern Gifts: Gold

75th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Diamonds, Diamond Like Stones, Gold
Modern Gifts: Diamond, Gold (this is the best year!!)

100th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts:
Modern Gifts: 10K Diamond

I am already dreaming about my diamonds..!!

NOW coming back to the present, so I have a few ideas for paper gifts, but need some more different ones. What u think guys??