“Singers sing, Composers compose, Writers write, Lyricists write songs, Directors direct, Producers produce, Actors act, Judges judge…but there is one person who has done all of this and even more. Started his singing career at the age of three and after that there was no looking back for him. He made his hobby his profession. From singing to acting, RJ-ing to judging music shows on TV, composing his songs to producing, he has done it all. With style.” SONU NIIGAAM!

14th April was one night which I will cherish for my life. Sonu Nigam live in concert! OMG… it was an awesome experience for me firstly because this was the first live concert I went to and secondly, he is my childhood crush. I’ve grown up hearing his songs, loving his songs. And that night I was just inches away from him!

Although we had to wait an hour and half for his entry on stage, it was all worth it. The second he took the mic, we were sure to be entertained every minute. And that’s what it exactly was. 3 hours of energy, entertainment, laughter and dance. He knew exactly how to keep the audiences humming along with him. His interaction with the audience and singing our requests kept us dancing on our seats for more! “Once more, once more” was the most obvious reaction when he left the stage for the night.

I’ve never been to a music concert so I had so many different thoughts and ideas about how it would be. More, I was eagerly waiting to see Sonu Nigam! But we enjoyed it so much, I cant wait to go to another concert now. One item off my wish list…