Winter is here in New Zealand. And when you think of winter inspired interiors it’s all about the winter blues and grays and whites. But they don’t have to be a bad thing…I mean the winter palette can be from navy blue, royal blue, baby blue to everything in between.

But when you add a dash of color to it, these cool tones can also be very cozy and warm…just the feeling you want on a chilly winter night.

One of my favorite colors purple, when mixed with a cool gray, gives a very soothing and relaxing feel. Combine it with natural wood tones and it immediately warms up the space.

Turquoise, although a ‘cool’ color, does not really feel cold. Soft gray and white with a splash of color of light metallic blue and turquoise can feel quite warm and welcoming.

Neutral tones can be given a striking edge of sophistication with hues of gold and brown. Simple beige walls can make the gold and brown stand out, making the space warm and cozy.

You can also add olive-green against the winter white to make a dramatic statement. Neutral tones of beige along with gold and copper accents add the warmth to the interior.