Wishing you all a very Happy Diwali!!

May it brighten up your life and fill it with all the colors of love!

Also wishing you all a very Happy Islamic New Year!

Yes, its that time of the year when we cook, cook and cook..and then eat, eat and EAT! Ahh love it…so yea we cook as many delicious dishes possible and then have a feast after sunset to celebrate/welcome our new year. Dishes include various mithais (sweets), savories, fruits, dry fruits and the main course. As a kid I would get really excited and would count how many dishes we have..and I would always want 52 dishes and then cal friends and exchange dish counts. Well I still do get excited about the dish count but this year since it was just me cooking, 52 seemed a bit too far fetched..but hey i still managed to make about 25 dishes ALL BY MYSELF FOR THE FIRST TIME!!

To name a few – Tandoori chicken, Shami Kabab, Malai Tikka, Chana Bateta, Souffle, Ice cream, a few traditional sweet dishes, various fruits…


Tip of the day-

8) Keep It White

Some people dismiss white as boring, or think it cold and stark, but  I think white  is multifaceted, and offers  endless possibilities. There are countless shades of white  and each different one can evoke completely diverse moods;  mixing  pure white  with either cold  or  warm  off-whites creates elegant, calm interiors. You’ll never get tired of white.

White walls and floors make borders disappear,  creating fresh, luminous interiors. A few plants give a feeling of warmth and comfort to these contemporary interiors.























Tip of the day-

7) It’s OK to skip the sofa

Lately many of the formal living rooms are designed so that all four sides of the room have either an entrance, a window, a fireplace or a television making all options poor placement for a sofa. But the good news is that there is no interior design rule that a living room must have a sofa. You can still create a beautiful, inviting and functional furniture arrangements without a sofa.















Tip of the day-

6) Small room? Go Dark

Many people suggest light colors for a small room to make it look bigger and bring in more light. But if it’s a small room, make it look more cozy rather than making it seem bigger than it is. Use dark colors with a metallic finish to it. The dark color will add depth to the room and the metallic finish will reflect some light around the room, making it appear lighter and bigger. Add light-colored accents here and there around the room to give it a classic touch.