Tip of the day-

4) Go Green

Do you have some lonely or awkward corners? Soften those corners in a big room by placing potted plants/trees. Generally there are certain plants that complement a contemporary theme and some that suit a traditional scheme better. But most interior plants, particularly Palms, look good in almost all settings.

Try grouping some interior plants together. They look stunning when arranged in mixed groups.















Tip of the day-

3) Coffee table? Noo…

You can now safely kick your conventional coffee tables out and bring in the most versatile coffee table…Ottoman. Yes, place a tray over it, use it to rest your feet during movie time or use it for storage…its your new all-round coffee table. AND it adds a soft touch to your furniture and interiors.



















We all need some interior decorating tips, which is easy to do and easy on your wallets! So I have listed down some 20 very simple tricks you can do around your space to make it more functional and interesting. One tip each day.

Tip of the day-

1) Pile up the pillows

One pair of pillows always look a little skimpy. Instead try using two pair of pillows. Use contrasting colors, textures and patterns to liven up the area.