There are some pretty fun and educational classes for babies to join here in New Zealand. Since birth.

B and I had gone to Sign A Rainbow session last week. It’s all about communicating with your baby and vice versa through sign language, much before they say their first words. And I must say, since it was my first class for any such classes, I was pretty impressed. it was a 45 min class full of fun. reading books, singing songs through signing. Playing with props used in the stories, playing games and developing their early language skills. Kelly, the director had composed a fun baby course that babies can enjoy and learn. I think once the baby learns some important hand gestures, he/she can use it to communicate with parents instead of crying and parents just trying to guess what the baby wants!

I sure am doing some signing with my B and i think he is trying to get what it means. Like when his feed is over, I sign with him and he then just smiles at me (instead of still crying and asking where is my fooddd??). It will take some time for him to sign too but I guess with time he’ll do it too! 🙂

Good work Kelly!

P.S. you can always go to Sign A Rainbow on Facebook and find out more about this.


2 Thoughts on “Signing Away!

  1. enjoy! i really miss such classes and mom-baby groups.. india doesn’t offer a whole lot of this stuff.. at least not at any affordable range, forget about free, public stuff!!

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