25th june 2013…B’s first swimming class! and it went pretty well. infact he loved it in the water. it was so amazing seeing kids from 6 months to 2 years floating around in the water! it was a 45-50 min in-water class where the parents are taught how to hold their child in different positions and make him float. M went in the pool with B and it seemed he was having even more fun than B! B was screaming for joy when all the other kids were silent! M n I burst out laughing! B jumped in the water, went under water for 2-3 secs (and drank the water!!), swam from one end of the pool to the other (with M holding him ofcourse!), chased his water turtle all around the pool! and thats when i realised the turtle was following a bikini clad lady and my M n B behind them with B’s hand stretched out! from my view it looked like they were following the lady! that is how engrossed they were in the swimming, turtle, fun..!! atleast this is the excuse M gave me when i stopped them!! hmmm its good i’ve got it on video for the future!

I am so glad swimming here starts at as early as 3 months. i dont want B to have water fear like me! cant have that staying in New Zealand. he goes swimming again on sun. this time i too will go in the pool with M n B! Fun times have just begun!!


My B is sick! its his 1st winter and his 1st cold! and its terrible. for him. for us.

its so sad to see to see him sleep with a blocked nose. if babies could just blow their nose like us adults… he does not like playing, gets irritated when he turns onto his tummy due to his runny nose. its just so difficult to manage a sick baby. and to top it all, he throws a fit if we even touch his nose! he now knows his nasal spray bottle and the sec he sees it in my hands, he starts to hit at my hand and push it away from his face! lol in a way its a good thing for him as he remembers things and associates it with previous experiences, but a bad thing for us! although he gets distracted easily, it does not work in this case. ahh the agony of a sick baby’s parents..!!

Atleast he still sleeps through the night with all the coughing and heavy breathing!

AND now M (my hubby) has got the baby cold too! 🙁 i am now a nurse of 2 sick babies!

Doc says baby cold lasts for 5-7 days. 3 more days to go…

Rice cereal…carrots…sweet potato…pear…

Start of this month B started with his solids! it takes so much work to make their food – peel, chop, boil, puree. and all they eat is 3-4 spoons (of which half of it is shared with their bib)!

B started off with the traditional rice cereal. which he did not like much. those three days of feeding him cereal was a struggle from my side. he would take half a spoon, play with the food in his mouth and push it out with his tongue! but i do not blame him too. it was very bland! so next i thought to give him something sweet since babies have a sweet tooth naturally. he liked his carrots a lot. next on his menu was sweet potato. he loves it!

he now enjoys his morning breakfast. its such a treat to the eyes to see a big smile on his face after he has each spoon! and then he’l start hitting his hands around and complain if there’s even a sec of delay in giving his next spoon!! i hope his enthusiasm stays the same when he starts his greens too!

Can’t wait for his to start his finger food now. yea its going to be a more messy situation but there’s always this excitement to see every new milestone your baby reaches.

Last weekend we celebrated lil B’s half year bday!! 6 months already..cant believe it! i cant even sit and imagine how fast these 6 months went past. i remember when he was small and the baby chores were taking my life, i just wanted him to grow up a few months, get more manageable. those days, time seemed to crawl. and now when i look back, those months seem to have gone by so fast!!

And so to celebrate lil B’s 6 month journey and our 6 months into parenthood, i baked a yummy 2 tier choc mud cake!! there is nothing compared to the satisfaction and happiness you get in making and decorating your own cake from scratch!

Choc Mud cake

Choc Mud Cake