25th june 2013…B’s first swimming class! and it went pretty well. infact he loved it in the water. it was so amazing seeing kids from 6 months to 2 years floating around in the water! it was a 45-50 min in-water class where the parents are taught how to hold their child in different positions and make him float. M went in the pool with B and it seemed he was having even more fun than B! B was screaming for joy when all the other kids were silent! M n I burst out laughing! B jumped in the water, went under water for 2-3 secs (and drank the water!!), swam from one end of the pool to the other (with M holding him ofcourse!), chased his water turtle all around the pool! and thats when i realised the turtle was following a bikini clad lady and my M n B behind them with B’s hand stretched out! from my view it looked like they were following the lady! that is how engrossed they were in the swimming, turtle, fun..!! atleast this is the excuse M gave me when i stopped them!! hmmm its good i’ve got it on video for the future!

I am so glad swimming here starts at as early as 3 months. i dont want B to have water fear like me! cant have that staying in New Zealand. he goes swimming again on sun. this time i too will go in the pool with M n B! Fun times have just begun!!


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