My B is sick! its his 1st winter and his 1st cold! and its terrible. for him. for us.

its so sad to see to see him sleep with a blocked nose. if babies could just blow their nose like us adults… he does not like playing, gets irritated when he turns onto his tummy due to his runny nose. its just so difficult to manage a sick baby. and to top it all, he throws a fit if we even touch his nose! he now knows his nasal spray bottle and the sec he sees it in my hands, he starts to hit at my hand and push it away from his face! lol in a way its a good thing for him as he remembers things and associates it with previous experiences, but a bad thing for us! although he gets distracted easily, it does not work in this case. ahh the agony of a sick baby’s parents..!!

Atleast he still sleeps through the night with all the coughing and heavy breathing!

AND now M (my hubby) has got the baby cold too! 🙁 i am now a nurse of 2 sick babies!

Doc says baby cold lasts for 5-7 days. 3 more days to go…


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