Rice cereal…carrots…sweet potato…pear…

Start of this month B started with his solids! it takes so much work to make their food – peel, chop, boil, puree. and all they eat is 3-4 spoons (of which half of it is shared with their bib)!

B started off with the traditional rice cereal. which he did not like much. those three days of feeding him cereal was a struggle from my side. he would take half a spoon, play with the food in his mouth and push it out with his tongue! but i do not blame him too. it was very bland! so next i thought to give him something sweet since babies have a sweet tooth naturally. he liked his carrots a lot. next on his menu was sweet potato. he loves it!

he now enjoys his morning breakfast. its such a treat to the eyes to see a big smile on his face after he has each spoon! and then he’l start hitting his hands around and complain if there’s even a sec of delay in giving his next spoon!! i hope his enthusiasm stays the same when he starts his greens too!

Can’t wait for his to start his finger food now. yea its going to be a more messy situation but there’s always this excitement to see every new milestone your baby reaches.


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