Last weekend we celebrated lil B’s half year bday!! 6 months already..cant believe it! i cant even sit and imagine how fast these 6 months went past. i remember when he was small and the baby chores were taking my life, i just wanted him to grow up a few months, get more manageable. those days, time seemed to crawl. and now when i look back, those months seem to have gone by so fast!!

And so to celebrate lil B’s 6 month journey and our 6 months into parenthood, i baked a yummy 2 tier choc mud cake!! there is nothing compared to the satisfaction and happiness you get in making and decorating your own cake from scratch!

Choc Mud cake

Choc Mud Cake


2 Thoughts on “Lil B is 6 month old!

  1. happy half birthday lil b! and well done nisreen for baking a cake -i don’t know how you can possibly bake while looking after a baby!!
    oh, and nice new skin!

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