B’s first Ramadan and touch-wood it’s going good so far. he infact likes going to markaz, getting all the attention from people..he does not like coming to me in markaz, he is happy playing with others. the first few days he started crying when it was time to leave markaz and go home! he refused to sit in his carseat and would jump out!

And also he had his first experience eating in a thaal. its real fun for him. snatching spoons, digging his fingers in gravy bowls, snatching them towards him and then screaming for more! seeing food around him and people feeding him from right and left is all he wants!

Last night was his first Laylatul Qadr and honestly i was a bit nervous if he would sleep the whole night in the markaz with all the noise (he is a very light sleeper!) or would he remain cranky. lol M and I were prepared if we had to leave midway and go home. but Alhumdolillah he was manageable! he slept in all the noise and lights too. predictably he did wake up later on in the night but allowed me to pray most of the night. it was an experience for me, learnt from a few wrong moves so hopefully next year will be better. not surprising he wants to remain sleeping now due to his disturbed sleep last night. how i wish i could sleep with him too! sigh.. need to prepare his breakfast, lunch, do some house errands… it was a long night but have a longer day ahead!

Sleep deprived since 29 hours and counting…yaaawwnnn

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Love the effect it has on the surroundings.