I had randomly entered a competition for Ultimate Baby Feeding Pack last month or so. and then totally forgot about it. until i got an email one afternoon last week, a few days after Eid. and guess what?!! i had won the competition! yes i won i wonn!! i was super excited! i just could not stop talking about it the whole evening. and in my sleep too!

Finally yesterday my prize arrived. Well actually B’s prize. Yes the perfect Eidi M n i could have ever given our B. Wattie’s feeding essentials like spoons, bowls, storage pots, sippy cup, spoon and bowl sets, loads and loads of assorted food jars and cans, 20 or so varieties of food pouches, bibs..and the best, Philips steamer/blender and Mocka wooden high chair!! $650 worth of stuff!! i still can’t believe i won all this! all these years i must have entered countless competitions but no luck. and just when i randomly enter a competition with no intentions of winning, luck hits me. big time! Happy happy. 🙂

Waiting for the weekend to assemble the high chair and see B having his first meal in it!! and taking loads of pics ofcourse! 🙂

Thank you Wattie’s for baby for this awesome gift!

P.S. for all of you who are pregnant, or have already delivered, click here and enter this monthly competition.


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