Eid time and no baking?.. not possible!

A simple, very easy-to-make carrot cake. my best carrot cake so far.






























B turns 8. last month (7 months old) saw quite a few events in his life.

firstly he celebrated his first Eid! we celebrated at our friend’s place (B’s jejee’s place) like every year. He got his first Eidis too!! yaayy! its so funny how i get so excited for all his firsts while B just enjoys it like any other day! he also experienced his first ramadan and sitting and eating from a thaal (which i think he really liked because most of the time i was just being a referee!!).

He’s also developed a love for iphones and laptops! scary i know! the sec he sees a laptop, he’ll start his journey towards it. he shows a super naughty expression as he reaches out for the laptop and bangs on the keyboard, drools and once it gets messy, he’ll very innocently stare at the screen (and wait till i come and clean up for him so he can start playing again!). same with iphones! traditionally you used toys to call a baby to you, but here its phones. show him your phone and he’s sitting in your lap the very next sec!

His blabberings and screaming has increased a lot in the past month. screams of joy, excitement, anger, no-reason! he now says atata, tee tee and yumma/mamma. i wait for his nap times for some peace. i have no doubts he’s going to be one LOUD fellow!

He still crawls on his tummy and drags himself everywhere on his elbows. and sadly he just cant play by himself anymore. i surround him with his toys but as soon as he sees me leave the room, he will start his search for me. loudly. and once he sees me in the kitchen, he’ll come in the kitchen, bang the floor to tell ‘I’ve come’ (just incase i didn’t see or hear him entering!). sigh, its become just so difficult to keep him on carpeted floor.

He has 2 new face expressions which he’s so addicted to. he’s recently started to frown and bring his eyebrows together. and although they say you should not frown n all, honestly it looks too cute on him! he has also started making a big ‘O’ with his lips, eyes wide open. sort of surprised look and it looks hilarious!! but sadly he doesn’t do that often yet.

Oh and how can i forget the BIG news. He ate a magazine!! yes actually ate 4-5 papers of a magazine on the day of Eid!! i freaked out when he vomited and i saw big black lumps in it. my eyes quickly fell on a half eaten magazine behind him. thankgod nothing happened to him. infact he was back to his atata a min after the accident!

Wonder what other accidents are in store in his 8th month. but for now, the house needs some serious baby-proofing!