Just a short post to tell YOU a BIG thank you!!

It feels so great when people personally tell me that they read my blogs regularly and like them. it gives me such a warm feeling to know that they actually wait for my next blog!

Honestly i had started my blog after i got married and shifted here to NZ. i was searching for jobs and M insisted i start blogging about interior design to help make contacts and get noticed (and i must admit, it helped). and also to stay busy. i was never fond of writing in school or in uni so i just started with pictorial blogs about interior design. then slowly categories like cooking got added to it. i started blogging more about stuff i like. Family got added. and now recently Lil B.

Chocoholic Affairs is about what my life revolves around. What i love. My life. Me. 52 posts, 30 blog followers and 60+ likes so far, i now enjoy blogging. thank you all for liking my blog! it just makes me want to blog more. not for myself, but for you!


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