B turns 9. Last month he did a bunch of new stuff, ate a lot of new foods and expressed a lot of new emotions!

Start of his 8th month saw B sit in his new high chair he had won. What a pose he gave for the camera! He now has all his meals high up in the chair (I have to persuade him to sit patiently in there till his meal is over!) the restless guy that he is from his day one, it’s a tough task to make him sit in there for a long time. He just wants to be left on the floor so he can go swimming around everywhere. Yea sadly he still pulls himself on his tummy everywhere.

B’s 2 favourite places in the house are the kitchen and under-the-dining-table, besides his bed! He comes in the kitchen, does 3-4 clockwise turns on the floor and cleans up the kitchen for me! That’s my B!

He now also stands with some support. Prop him against the sofa with some of his toys or near the water feature (he loves looking at flowing water) and he will self entertain (for just about 5mins max!). And then he’s bored again!

As far as his food goes, he tried many new foods last month, from which parle g biscuits are his fav! He started egg but don’t think he liked it much. Infact the first time I gave some egg yolk to him, he took out his tongue and gave me a what are you feeding me? look! So now this also gets mixed in with the rest of his breakfast. He does not like broccoli, it’s a pain to feed him mixed veggies. He loved my bland version of cheesy pasta. So the second time I mixed his mashed veggies with pasta. I sometimes feel bad how he so enjoys my weird food combos. But hey till hes enjoying it and getting all the healthy stuff, I am not complaining!

He’s become more expressive with his emotions. he bangs his hands, opens his mouth wide and jumps when hes happy. he tilts his head on his side and looks at you to give his puppy-face pose. he will strongly shake his head no if he doesn’t want something or disapproves of your actions. no amount of distraction or persuasion will then change his decision! he screams LOUD the min he sees food and will stop only when he has tasted it.

And the grand incident of his 8th month; he tore his mink blanket! Yes he did, and I was shocked when I saw it. How did he do it?? How can a 8 month baby tear a mink blanket? But I guess this generation can do anything now! And sadly it was such a cozy winter gift from our couple friend..

Waiting for his other surprises lined up for me next month. Or am i?

Want to make bread? with your fav ice cream flavour? with just 2 ingredients? read on!

first time ever made bread at home. you don’t need any bread maker, just your fav ice cream and flour! that simple! and it tastes like you had a very complicated recipe and spent hours baking. you can make just about any flavoured bread you want. In just 5 mins.

Here’s the recipe:

2 cups of your fav full cream ice cream (i used choc cookies and fudge)

1 1/2 cup self raising flour


Pre heat oven to 180 degrees. Lightly butter a loaf pan.

Take 2 cups of softened ice cream in a mixing bowl. Sift flour into the mixing bowl. Mix the ice cream and flour together with a spatula until well combined.

Scoop out the mixture into the loaf pan and smooth out the surface.


Bake for about 35-45 mins or until a toothpick inserted into the loaf comes out clean.

Remove from the pan, allow to cool slightly, and slice and serve immediately.

IMG_3397Happy Munching!