B’s already half way into his 10th month, and i am so late for his 9th month post! he just keeps me super busy, searching and removing him from all the corners of the house!

last month was full of mood swings, crankiness and what not! B’s doc finally confirmed hes teething for sure this time. He gets these ear pains due to which he keeps pulling and scratching his ears. almost every morning we see a new scratch and blood clot in his ear! ouch..

and he’s becoming a fussy eater too! is it one of the side affects of teething? i don’t know, but it surely tests my patience (which i have very little of)! lunch is still fine but dinner is a roller coaster ride for us. hence i now handover B’s dinner bowl to M. its become so difficult to cook for him now. his one time fav veggies are no longer on his list. Sweet potato, squash, pumpkin..no no! eggs also didn’t go down too well with him. AND he will not repeat his lunch for dinner! every meal is my experiment and a hope that he likes it.

with the arrival of spring and days becoming longer, B has started his evening park trips. it’s a good walk for me and B loves the swings and slides.

B’s fascination with laptops continue. he jumps with joy on seeing a laptop and leaps for it. he uses M’s laptop for his hourly workout sessions! he goes on all his fours (crawling position), climbs onto the laptop, makes a bridge by going on his palms and toes..he discovers new ways to reach items, new body positions..its so fascinating to watch him do different and new stunts every time!

his latest fav room in the house (besides the kitchen) is the bathroom. he crawls off to the bathroom when he gets the chance and sleeps next to his bathtub!

and finally his activity of the month – he broke my headphones! 3 pieces! don’t ask how!


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