Red, white and black. Glossy. Shiny. Neat. Modern. Clean lines.

This will be my perfect kitchen. I’ve spent a large amount of my day in the kitchen these past few months (thanks to B’s food fussiness) and it got me thinking about my perfect kitchen. It should be me, my fav colors, ample of work space (yes I need a lot of counter space!), the latest baking utensils, my baking haven!

L-shaped with an island (island is a must so I can feed B as well as do my work). Red, white and black/grey.


A 4-6 gas cooking range. yup its big but you need to multitask with B. red or black in color. a glossy or glass range hood.


A 2-3 door fridge, high-end sink with a chopper, colander.


Top it up with the latest utensils in the world of baking, and this is my perfect cooking-baking paradise!



4 Thoughts on “My Ideal Kitchen

  1. Hey Nishu, remember me? 😀 I agree, this kitchen is just perfect. Though frankly red, white and black are not my favorite colors – I’m more a fan of dark blue and pastel colors. But my husband loves those colours so he’s more likely to pay for a kitchen like this 😉 I see you’re a baking fiend like me. Who would have thunk it? I just tried the key lime pie from this recipe:

    You can see a picture (I hope) here:

    #bakingadvice brave salmonella. Taste the batter. Or how will you know if the batter is too bitter? #keylimepie— Sabina Giado (@SabinaGiado) October 16, 2013

    • Sabinaaa!! 🙂 its difficult to forget u! glad u like my future kitchen. oh yes we should have a bake party sometime in dubai, what say? and will surely try this pie, recipe itself sounds yum!

      • Definitely! Let’s hope we’re there at the same time. I think a certain mutual friend of us will love this idea 🙂 And you MUST try the chocolate chip cookie recipe from the same website. It’s to-die-for. Literally everyone I’ve ever made it for is speechless – in a good way! I feel bad that I actually didn’t make any for you guys while I was in Dubai. Next time insha Allah. And here’s another one of my favorite recipes:

  2. I always add 1/2 a lemon more juice and the zest of one lemon to those lemon bars btw…as a lot of reviewers said they weren’t lemony enough.

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