Our first 2.5 day trip outside NZ with B, and what a memorable trip it was! As the tag line says, Malaysia is truly Asia!


We could not see the beautiful greenery but saw the truly Asian crowd, warm hospitality and traffic! Made you feel like you were back home (by home I mean India and not Dubai)! With just 2 days for sightseeing and B just 11 months then, we decided to just see Kuala Lumpur. We preferred to stay in the city so commuting wouldn’t be a hassle. Our hotel Swiss Garden is in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, just walking distance from the Golden Triangle. Golden Triangle or the Bukit Bintang is basically a shopping and entertainment destinations for tourist. Streets filled with one shopping mall after the other! It was a shopping paradise for me since everything seemed so reasonable (and cheap!) when converted to NZD!

Day 1

There was a merc waiting to take us from the airport to our hotel! Majority of the taxis out there are mercs! Yeah, exactly!! Reached our hotel by midday. we dint really plan out a busy day. We knew things wouldn’t turn out as per plan so we just went easy with it. As per our B’s routine.By afternoon we went around the city walking. Went to the very famous 48 storey twin tower, hotel and shopping mall, Berjaya Times Square. And I thought Dubai malls are huge! This one has a north, south, east and west end! Unknown to this, we would take any elevator thinking it would just take us up and down the same building. And then we got lost! Yeah, THIS one is HUGE!


Our motto for this trip was to try out all diff types of foods. Had Malay lunch (approx 2-3NZD per person!) which was just yumm! There was a stall making something similar to waffles but on a big round upside-down steel vessel. They had approx 100 flavours for the filling. From fruits to veggies to non-veg to seafood. B had choc and strawberry. And he shared some with us! Had an early dinner at our hotel’s restaurant. Did a take-away so we could pack B off to bed and stretch our legs!

Day 2

This was a busy day! Began with an awesome huge buffet breakfast at our hotel. B seemed so pleased to be surrounded by food from all directions! Next we headed to one of the largest Chinese temples in South-East Asia, Thean Hou Temple. A 4 storey temple, it belongs to the Malaysian Chinese community of Malaysia.


The Chinese architecture is beautiful. Huge fountains, statues of gods and lions. Spacious open grounds with benches to relax and enjoy the beautiful skyline of KL.


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Our next stop of course was lunch. Raju’s Restaurant. So famous that all you need to tell the taxi driver is Raju’s and he will drop you at its door stop!


So famous and so super busy. But it was worth the wait in the end. They serve South Indian and Malay food. On a banana leaf!

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So they come and serve you their dishes of the day. You select what you want to eat and empty the plate on your banana leaf. their dishes are limited but really delicious! I really liked their fried chicken on banana leaf!

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Our next stop was Petronas Twin Towers. And what drama to reach there not-on-time! We were stranded in a heavily pouring rain for nearly 2 hrs! B and I waited in a shop (Bless the owner!) while M (getting drenched) was trying to get a taxi in vain. The traffic that time was just crazy! So finally reached 15 mins past our viewing time but they were kind enough to accommodate us in the next viewing slot. Phew!


No sightseeing expedition is complete without a visit to the top. This was no different. Kuala Lumpur from top is breathtaking! Since we didn’t have enough days to see the city, this visit to the towers was certainly worth it! It is one of the most famous skyscrapers in the world. And luckily just a 10 min drive from our hotel. The shopping mall too is quite impressive with all the high-end brands under one roof.

Day 3

Our last day in Kuala Lumpur also went around the city. Had breakfast, checked out and went strolling around he city. We saw the hawker’s street (Street food for the foodies), and some more of Bukit Bintang.


Streets filled with shops, alternating with shopping malls. There’s a mall just for media and technology! Went to the Pavilion KL, another large mall in Bukit Bintang area. The Christmas decorations were up and everything looked so picturesque! Just couldn’t stop clicking pics of B with all the props!


Our last lunch in Kuala Lumpur (for then) was in Dome. And then sadly headed back to the hotel for the airport. Next time hopefully it’s Genting Highlands and lots more!

1st part of our holiday ended here just for the start of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th.



It’s so good to be back in Dubai. And so good to be back to blogging (my first blog from my iPad)! After an almost 3 month break from blogging, I’ve got a whole list of overdue posts, memories to be typed out and moments to be relived.
The last three months have been quite eventful; B’s first international trip, his first flight experience, our trip to Malaysia, M’s first trip to Dubai, and the most imp, B’s first bday! It’s been 3 months out of NZ for B and me. And 2 more to go. B has travelled quite a bit in these past months. Malaysia, Mumbai, Dubai, back to Mumbai, Cambay and now Dubai again. And thankfully he has taken all the flight journeys quite well. He sleeps while the flight takes off!
But these posts will happen when it has to happen. for now, it’s a Friday afternoon with B sound asleep tucked in his quilt and all I can think of is I am back in Dubai, in my home! it’s time to sit back and relax, catch up with friends, gossip time with BFF, shop like crazy. For the next 2 months! The Dubai pampering begins!