It’s so good to be back in Dubai. And so good to be back to blogging (my first blog from my iPad)! After an almost 3 month break from blogging, I’ve got a whole list of overdue posts, memories to be typed out and moments to be relived.
The last three months have been quite eventful; B’s first international trip, his first flight experience, our trip to Malaysia, M’s first trip to Dubai, and the most imp, B’s first bday! It’s been 3 months out of NZ for B and me. And 2 more to go. B has travelled quite a bit in these past months. Malaysia, Mumbai, Dubai, back to Mumbai, Cambay and now Dubai again. And thankfully he has taken all the flight journeys quite well. He sleeps while the flight takes off!
But these posts will happen when it has to happen. for now, it’s a Friday afternoon with B sound asleep tucked in his quilt and all I can think of is I am back in Dubai, in my home! it’s time to sit back and relax, catch up with friends, gossip time with BFF, shop like crazy. For the next 2 months! The Dubai pampering begins!


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