Did quite some travelling; from Mumbai to Cambay, Ahmedabad, and now Dubai. Attended my cousin’s wedding. First time B posed for cameras post midnight! We made him wear my Rida, put pink and purple hair clips in his hair! He had a ball of a time with my cousins pampering him from right left and centre! And a special mention of my cousin Taher, who B was soo fond of from the sec he saw him. B literally stuck to him every time, everywhere! He refused to come to me and happily stayed with Taher during the wedding functions! So glad for such babysitters!! I mean cousins…

He’s now beginning to enjoy all the outside savouries. No matter how much you try not to give your kid outside food till a later age, you can’t always refuse the just one bite from relatives. So he’s eaten sutarfeni, gota, halvason, sev, papri. His fav being papri.

He repeats everything you say like a parrot. An adorably loud parrot. Kya hai being his all time fav!

He loves going out and staying out! anyone he sees going out, he throws himself onto that person! he certainly spent more time with cousins and relatives than with me at home.

He now stands by himself without any support. started it first at my cousin’s place in Ahmedabad in Jan. he walks with the support of the furniture.


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