Coz it’s ur bday M..coz it’s ur special day today..this post is for you my M!

Remember the 100 reasons I love you video I made you for our 1st anniv? Well now you get 100 reasons I hate you..ok not hate maybe let’s say don’t like. And also maybe not 100, that’s too many.. And you are not that bad too! 😉 So let me just start the list and then see how many reasons we get in the end. So here I go.. Read on!

Reasons I don’t like you

1) Why are you so unromantic at times (most of the times) that I end up getting mad at you! (Or do you do this on purpose???)

2) How can a guy be so calm and patient and not lose it at all? Not even once? When do I get to see you angry? Even a little bit..

3) I remember how your wardrobe used to be full of only black and blue! I dint like that. I still don’t like part of it ( you get the hint of what’s going to happen when I come yea?!)

4) You can stay awake for Football and manutd matches even if it’s late at night but not for my Hindi movies!

5) Why is it that you Cook like a chef in my absence but show a dumb face (well most of the time) when I am around??

6) Who sleeps at 10.30pm on a weekend night??

7) I totally don’t like how B always clings to you the min he sees you! (But now I will actually love it, he’s getting a handful by the day!)

Hmmm…Sigh dint know it would be so hard to make this list. Haven’t even reached 10..! Ah got one!

8) You can get up at 6am on a weekend to go play some sport at 8, but won’t do it if I asked you to for my work! (Not that I would get up at 6 but that’s beside the point..)

9) I hate, totally hate your one word oki text replies to my 10 lines!

10) I don’t like the fact that I am again not with you on your bday, to wish you, to gift you, to bake for u, to see your reaction on reading this! And it better be more than your oki!!

I think I will stop at this, (not coz I can’t think of more points, no no) but it’s your bday, let’s give you a break! 😉


P.S. You can have a look at the 100 reasons I love you video again for an ego boost! 😉


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