Fussy Eater? but loves fruit? this is the recipe just for you! i tried this on B when he was at his peak of being fussy. AND it was a HIT! Found this on ForBaby. But i made a few changes to the recipe. Try it!

Fruity Creamy Rice

Creamy Fruity Rice


1 cup cow milk or formula milk

3 Tbsp of short grain rice

1 cup grated fruits of toddler’s choice (i used 1 apple and 1 plum)

1 Tsp honey or as per taste

1/4 Tsp cardamom powder or as per taste




1. Put the short grain rice and Milk into a 3 cup capacity microwave proof dish and stir it. Cover and cook it in the microwave on medium for 20-25 minutes, stirring every 10 minutes. Alternatively you can also cook it on a stove top over low heat. Keep stirring it every 10 minutes. Add extra water when needed.

2. Once the rice is tender and creamy, add the grated fruits and stir into the rice when still hot.

3. Add the cardamom powder and honey as per taste. Stir well into the rice. Allow to cool and serve warm. Can also be refrigerated until chilled and served cold.


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