Not a very interesting month except for the fact that B was in 3 countries in 1 month! haha Dubai, India and finally NZ. he had an awesome trip with his Yaya, Yayi and baba (Nana, Nani and Masi) in Dubai; Dada, Dadi, Mama, Mami in India, and his bhai and babu (Ammar and Sr.B). and he missed them all the initial days. its reduced now. you could see it when he went around the house calling out for them randomly. and then the happiness on his face when he chats with his Yaya on skype! haha toddlers!

the one week in India too didn’t go too well with B and I sick most of the time. Poor B was so drained out due to his acute diarrhea, he just slept the whole day speechless. i missed his amusing vocabulary so much then. we all did.

talking about vocabulary, B is expanding his vocabulary each day. it’s so amazing how he learns words so fast. and he tries to repeat us even if it does not sound the same. he follows our instructions like “get that”, “take this”, “put this down”, etc. and similarly he uses his vocabulary to put his needs and wants across to us. even if that means just repeating one same word frustratingly or pointing at it endlessly till we guess his need. but he recognises his food by name, knows where his food is stored in the kitchen, so that makes half our work easy. well not always but i want to look at the bright side of things!

talking about kitchen, B likes to keep his shoes in the kitchen pantry shelves! haha and reason? hmmm maybe they are as imp to him as his food! his daily fuels; food and going out (babba)! its crazy and amusing to see him come up with new antics everyday!

his curiosity to explore the world around him continues and increases each day. he just cant walk for 30 secs straight without stopping to pick something up from the ground, scream at an on-goer or simply turn and head in the opp direction. his latest excitement – plucking flowers in our driveway and pulling out its petals!

he still continues to want to eat by himself. for which i am happy but sometimes frustrations arise at both ends when it gets all messy. and this is just the start i guess…sigh! but hey on bright side, atleast he eats about everything i cook and give him. AND he doesn’t mind a repeat meal. thank you B! his appetite has increased and enjoys our meals (minus the chili). so i now search for recipes which do not necessarily require chili for taste. not a bad change for us too.

so on the whole, B matured and learnt quite a bit during the trip to grandparents’. but one thing that went wrong was his sleeping pattern. he is so used to falling asleep on the bed next to me, he hates going back in his cot now. its like he’s forgotten how to fall asleep alone. it’s a fight between us everytime i have to put him to sleep. night is not an issue but i don’t really look forward to his morning and afternoon naps. Nor does he! I’ve been through this before when he was learning to sleep alone. and now again?! really? hoping he settles down sooner than i think he will. *fingers crossed*


I am back to NZ, to my 3 year old home, to my routine, to my life. and as much as i enjoyed my long (and overdue) 4.5 month holiday, i must say it felt good to be back to my home. not that dubai and india is not my home, but this is my OWN home, you know. the home i set the way i want to live. but having said this, i must add (ironically) that the first initial days felt a bit alien-ish for me. for one, i actually had to think for a few secs where the kitchen or dining room light switches were. seriously! and to top it all, B’s jet lag! we slept at 5.30am the first morning, 4.30am the next, 2,30am the next, 12.30am the next and finally 10.30pm! and today 9.00pm. and due to these morning sleep sessions, i never really saw the sunny NZ mornings. nor the afternoons!

and now, 7 days post my arrival in NZ, life is busy with a super active toddler. oh and he turns 16 months today! his increased vocabulary, communication skills, affections, tantrums, mood swings..sometimes amusing, sometimes surprising. but all this for another post (one of the many posts sitting in my drafts).