Rice cereals are the best start a mom would give her child!

Farex Rice Cereal

At 6 months, B started his first solids by Farex baby rice cereal. This is actually for 4 months+ but i started solids at 6 months since it did not go down too well with B at 4 months. I mixed one teaspoon of Farex with enough boiled cool water and he would literally jump on the oncoming spoon! This portion once a day was a good start for his little tummy. Slowly i increased the spoon quantities and substituted water with a fruit puree. A different fruit every 3 days for breakfast and i had a happy-tummy baby!

Farex Baby Cereals

There are many reasons why i choose Farex, the main being its iron content. Its rich in iron, one of the most important ingredients for growing babies. Farex cereals are free from added sugar, preservatives and artificial colours or flavours. Their cereals are specially designed to match each stage in our baby’s development. I also really liked the fruit combos in their cereals. B really liked the banana and pear rice cereal. I would sometimes add extra fruit puree in his cereal for his little hungry stomach.

B has also eaten the multigrain cereals and muesli, but that’s for another review!


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