Winter is here in Auckland. and so are the season’s first sniffs and coughs. B’s under the weather too, so i know how the sleepless nights can be!


There are many home remedies one can try. i will tell you the ones i tried out on B.

Under 1 year – I remember when B got his first cold at 7 months. It was his first winter here and everything was new to us. he could not breath at nights and would just cry it out.

1.Nasal Saline Drops

Your ped will surely prescribe saline drops for babies (as they dont prescribe any other meds). You can also make your own nasal saline drops at home but i would prefer the ones you get in the market than the home-made ones as there is a risk of bacterial growth.

2. Ajwain (carrom seeds) potli (pouch)

Ajwain ( carrom seeds) are known for its anti bacterial and anti viral properties. Dry roast 1 tbsp of ajwain on a tawa and once cooled make it into a potli / tight pouch with a clean muslin cloth. Place this potli in your baby’s cot or where your baby sleeps. The ajwain smoke from the potli would help baby to open the blocked nose and relieve from congestion. I used to pin it on B’s clothes during the day. But make sure not to keep it within the reach of your baby to avoid the chances of putting into mouth / choking  / breathing hazard in anyway.

3. Elevate Baby’s Head

Keep your baby’s head elevated while sleeping so ease the breathing. You can elevate the cot at the head side. this was not possible with B as he keeps moving around in his cot during sleep.

4. Give warm water at regular intervals to keep the baby well hydrated.

5. Give baby plain water steam or a warm shower.

Massage the nose with index finger and then give baby a warm bath. it will help loosen the mucus.

6. Vaporubs

i apply Vicks Baby Balm on B’s chest and a little on his nose. Before sleeping i apply it on his night clothes too.

7. Vegetable/Chicken Soup

Soups increase the immunity of the body. But B sadly is not a ‘soup’ person.

Babies over 1 year

You can try 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 here too. I still do the vaporubs for B and its really effective on him. Apart from these i found some other home remedies too. will try one of these today.

8. Grate ginger and add honey to it. A tsp. of this can be given at regular intervals. Helps to soothe the throat and cough.

9. Lemon juice and honey. Add a little warm water to it and give it your baby to drink.

10. Milk with turmeric is effective for dry coughs.

11. Dry roast 5 cloves and grind it well once cooled. Add honey to it and give it before sleep.

Hope these cold and cough home remedies help your baby/toddler. if you know any other remedies for cold (i am sure there are many more than these), do share in the comments below!


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