i know i haven’t posted since a week. its just that the last few days have been (and are going to be) crazy busy for me!

i am taking B to 2 different playgroups three times a week. of which one playgroup (2 days) requires me to drive there, which means i also have to go pick up M from work in the office. no complaints since i get to drive more (i love driving!), but that leaves me with a busy afternoon schedule of feeding a hungry and tired toddler after playgroup, getting him in bed and rushing in the kitchen to prepare dinner before leaving again for M’s office. but i am actually enjoying it. its been a while since i’ve been so occupied. today was his first day at the Plunket Playgroup in Sandringham. its a pretty busy playgroup compared to the others with a huge indoor and outdoor area. it was great fun. Looking forward to tomorrow! Need to remind myself to click more pics tomorrow!

Plunket Playgroup

Plunket Playgroup

i am also taking him to Manly Music sessions. thursday is his first day. lets see how that goes.

oh did you notice a change in my website? yes, this was taking most of my post-dinner time. and is still taking. you know at the start, it just seemed a simple change in theme and designing a header image. But its hard work convincing a designer’s mind and a geeky nerd. So don’t be surprised if you see some new changes now and then. btw, how does it look as of now?

and i am also working on adding some new topics. Kids’ product reviews, on-going kids activities around town, must-watch videos etc. SO a lot of new stuff going to happen here so do keep an eye out for that!



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