This is one of my overdue posts sitting lazily in my drafts since 2 days. but i shall finish it and publish it today! yess! so here goes…

Sadly the long weekend has ended. And there is not another one in sight in the coming months. But what a lovely weekend it was! And the weather too was just perfect!


We drove down to Long Bay Regional Park on Sunday. it was our first visit there and since B’s current love at playcentre is the sandpit, this was the perfect destination for him. and us! and thats where we had our crazy fun time. B used his own sand toys here for the first time. scooped sand into his little bucket, toys bag and then my bag! screamed and ran behind dogs! oh yes! dogs again! how can his outings be complete without any dog incident. but this time it was a little different. the dog sniffed his bum! hmmm… we also realized B does not like playing with girls. even if she is a cute Russian girl! 🙁 and that was M’s worry that day…


On our return, we got a call from our friends asking if we were up for Mission Bay (another beach site)! so we headed to another beach for the evening. the amazing hot choc brownie and butterscotch pecan cake at Movenpick was the perfect way to end a long day!

Monday was just a relaxing day spent in the kitchen, experimenting out some new recipes. not all turned out the way i expected them to but a couple of them will reach my blog soon!


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