June – July ’14

what an eventful month this was! phew!

will never forget the date..it was 19th june 2014 5.10pm when B touched the hot iron with his right hand! to see if it REALLY was hot or mummy just keeps bluffing! that evening followed by 3 other nights was a living nightmare for us. he had a huge water boil on his palm which they punctured after 2 days (and me screaming at the docs for why they wasted the 2 days is another story!). Alhumdolillah his hand is healing perfectly. But my B was the star for taking it all up so bravely! and now he just refuses to enter the room when i am ironing, screaming hot hot and walking out! its cute how he still blows on his hand when asked about his injury.

and just when the docs were ready to remove his bandage for good, he gets school sores! and so to avoid the infection entering the wound, we had to bandage it up again. one week at home, no playgroups, music class or gym! that was a long week for us.

hmmm..apart from this i think the rest of the month went well. with B learning more words, talking more, screaming more. he now says alphabets from A to K. his new obsession is trains. he wont let anyone at the playgroup touch the train set. likes doing art and crafts too. painting, stamping, coloring. his first craft project was a glittered butterfly, now stuck on our fridge.



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