What an Eid it was..! After 2 years..

the last few days leading to Eid were quite stressful with B falling sick with Croup ( a viral disease). Fever, cough, vomiting the night prior to Eid, and sleepless nights. but as they say, alls well that ends well. and the Eid day was just that. Perfect.

true it was difficult waking up B in the morning but the minute he heard lets go babba he was up and standing (with his teddy ofcourse!). plans for the day were quite simple. spending the rest of the day with our NZ Gang (we now proudly call each other our NZ family!). so we met at N&H’s place for lunch. what a feast we had! sheerkurma, cutlets, biryani, soup, salad, drinks! B didn’t know what to do with all the food and where to start so decided not to eat! and we just managed to give him a bite from here and there. its really hard to get him to eat when we are out and he has so many distractions around! the afternoon-evening consisted of our usual girls vs guys jokes and fights and a game of dumb-charades, which we girls lost (the guys just know way too many movies and are really good at guessing!). 🙁

it was B’s day off from his afternoon nap too. he refused to sleep and just wanted to play and entertain us (he loves being surrounded by people), till he got over tired and hyper. and that’s when a car ride worked to put him to sleep for an hour. next stop was bowling. and i won! first time! yayy!! had so much fun after such a long time. and surprisingly it was much easier to manage a sleep deprived B than we thought. infact he was having his own fun. he too did some bowling, running on the bowling alley and getting scolded.


we ended the night with some yummy peri peri chicken and chips at Nando’s. oh and i haven’t even mentioned Eidi! yes, B’s Eidi which always gets me soo excited! he got some really cool Eidis this year. Glow pad, car, LED shoelace and lots of cash and chocs! you know, this should have been B’s first Eid. with all this fun, Eidi, food and masti! i remember his first Eid – M was at work, we were at home and B had eaten half a magazine and puked it all out on the floor! haha…well there was excitement then and now too!

but on a more serious note, Eid and such occasions always makes me miss home but this time was different. good different. and i really wish we can celebrate all the occasions, big or small, together, like this (and even better) every year! xoxo


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