i am learning new child sicknesses every time B falls ill. which in turn gives me a topic to write about! ok i know this sounds bad or mean but just trying to laugh after having a few tensed weeks…


B got a contagious virus from playgroup last week, Impetigo, also known as school sores. it started with a boil-like on his chin, which grew in number around the edges of his mouth, a few on his hand and diaper area. luckily B had a mild impetigo. i have seen worse pics of it on google.

These sores do no harm to the body. they slowly dry off and fall down. this lasts for 5-7 days. impetigo originates in places where kids share the same toys, surfaces etc.

So what to do?

1. the best precaution is to keep your kid at home during this period. this helps in containing the sores.

2.gently wash and clean the sores with warm water ans a soft cloth.

3. use the antiseptic cream the doctor gives you.

4. cover the sores with a cloth or plaster to avoid spreading the infection. the sores spread easily to other parts of the skin.

5. avoid touching the affected area. wash hands immediately if touched the sores.

6. take time off from school, playgroups, childcares one day after the treatment has started.


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