July – Aug ’14

was a socially active month for B. playgroup in morning, Markaz in evening. he loved it! playing with other kids, screaming, running around, and ignoring his mummy papa were some of his 20th month’s highlights!

1st time i saw a possessive side of B. he got all charged up when he saw a 11-12 month old touching my bag. he immediately got up and pulled the kid’s hand away, carried my heavy bag and kept it in my lap (all the while screaming mamma!) and sat in front of it, guarding it! 🙂 Sounds cute and brings a smile now but at that moment it was impossible to make B understand that the kid is not trying to steal my bag!

IMG_5978 copyhe’s also very possessive about his stuff. well maybe possessive is not the right word, but lately its not easy letting him to share his toys or food with other kids. sometimes when told twice or thrice, he will share but other times its just an outright no and tantrum. hope this is just another toddler-phase because it gets difficult to stop him from playing with kids, whom he in return does not share his toys with. although there were a few who he gladly shared his toys and food with in Markaz. Hussain and Mufaddal being his buddies. Zahra being his best friend. B hugged and kissed her on Eid day! how kids sense its the last day they will be seeing each other in Markaz. Cute!

B was down with Croup last month. that’s random fever and cough lasting for 5-7 days. Viral and contagious. happy to know its the last month of winter!

mischief, volume, laughter and vocabulary, increasing by the day! you ask him who are you and he replies cheeky! his name is Babu, teddy’s name is Ted, mummy’s name is Nish but papa’s name is Muh-papa (he said my name before his papa’s..yess!)!

i personally think this is the best age. its the parrot phase where B keeps repeating everything he hears, he entertains us 24/7, communicating with him (and vice versa) is much easier now than a year back. he helps with the clean up of the mess he makes. yet the house looks like a battle ground most of the time. and at the end of the day when i fling him on the sofa (he loves being thrown around), its just going to release a roar of laughter! and then B asking for some more!


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