finally got down to see a movie this weekend! after 20 months! well actually just saw the first hour but atleast its a good change and start for us. Every time B hits the bed for the night, all M and i want to do is crash on the bed too! i had totally forgotten how our weekend-movie-nights were prior to B’s arrival. but i finally convinced M and we saw 2 states. so far its pretty interesting. not a great fan of Alia Bhatt but i think she’s done a decent job in this movie. waiting for tonight to hopefully finish the movie. I’ve got another movie lined up too!

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another highlight of our weekend was our fish dinner (with our NZ group)!

Untitled-1we had some pretty interesting talks and thoughts shared about our fish to-be-cooked. should the eyes be marinated? how to remove the eye? scoop it out with a spoon? it was pretty much our first time handling and cooking a full fish (with a head). so we hogged a fish (marinated by T) with a full head, mouth open, 1 eye marinated and 1 eye popping out. and M very carefully also pointed out its tongue and teeth to us! along with it we had pumpkin soup and garlic bread courtesy P, noodles by N and chana bateta by me. yummy dinner followed by some funny videos on youtube, turned our sat eve into yet another memorable time with our NZ family!


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