Aug – Sept ’14

this was a month of 2s, 3s and more. B now joins 2-3 words together like hi papa, big teddy, hot water, teddy eyes, how do you do, pink teddy, dirty water… interaction is so much more fun, with him being more descriptive and vocal about his wants and wishes.

keeps humming his nursery rhymes all day long. ABC being his fav, followed by wheels on the bus, hush little baby, twinkle twinkle. his love for books is increasing (yaay!). hes now started to sit for a longer time during storytime in playgroup. at home too, he prefers sitting with his books than playing with his toys now. post dinner is always storytime. reeeadd he says. 🙂

B was down with a cold and cough almost throughout the month. He passed it on to me, which he later took it back. Waiting eagerly for the summers.

21 monthshis stubbornness is becoming quite obvious now. if he does not want to eat, nothing will change his mind. and that’s becoming a concern, since hes being a bit of a picky eater, compared to his earlier days. Thank god he still loves his fruits.

celebrated his first Father’s Day at his Mainly Music. got all dressed up like M (actually even better than M!). did a bit of celebration at home as well. He did an art work for M at playgroup, got a few gifts and baked lime pie and shepherd’s pie! we went to the mall for M’s gifts and B is worse than his papa when it comes shopping. He just outright refused to get into any shop. everytime he would see us going into a store he would run away from me! even giving him 2 balloon to distract him didn’t do the trick (what was i even thinking!). atleast M agrees to enter a store with me. that’s when i learnt strollers are a MUST when going to the mall. atleast one boy is buckled down! 😉


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