Sept – Oct ’14

B had his one-week-no-eating phase. that’s when i realized he wanted to eat by himself and not be fed! GOD!! why can’t toddlers just say/show what they want in a more adult-friendly manner?!! anyways all good now. he only eats by himself, whether its a dish with spoon or roti and gravy. messy but we are happy. the not-so-good part (every toddler action just HAS this part by default..sigh) is we cant force feed him anymore. its like if i don’t eat it by my hands, i don’t eat it at all! simple! 🙂 his taste buds have changed again. kiwi and pears are a no. he wont even look at the cheese slices or triangles. hes started a liking for simple cheese sandwiches. mac-n-cheese in not his fav anymore.

trying to form sentences now. water fall down (from) sky, papa kick ball, tissue fell down (in) water…he loves doing fill-in-the-blanks with his nursery rhymes and story books. he knows the noun/verbs in each sentence of all his books! wow i’ve read them so many times?!! time for new books..

started his toilet training. the first time i made him sit on his seat, he cried like crazy and jumped down. second time he sat with his teddy, third time with my phone, fourth time with ipad. now he loves it up there! he pulls the tissue roll out of the holder and throws the tissue in the bowl, chanting tissue fell down water! sings away his ABCs and nursery rhymes.

B’s stubbornness keeps increasing, which in turn starts a rage in me. Refusing to have his milk in morning, refusing to get ready for playgroup (yet impatiently waiting to get out of the house) tests my patience early in the morning! distracting him with his story books, singing to him so i can push something down his throat. and yet when he just pushes it away, it drives me MAD! screaming at him just works for that moment, and in sometime i feel guilty. punishing him by not talking to him, not taking him to playgroup that day does not make much difference ’cause of the toys at home. sigh… i wish i could throw a tantrum and throw his toys around to vent my anger (nope haven’t done it). its surprising how these not-so-small toddlers can stir up so much of anger in us, which i never even knew was piled up in me.


2 Thoughts on “B’s 22nd Month

  1. totally hear you about the anger.. these kids are so good at lighting up sparks and setting us aflame!! just breathe deeply and wonder whether it is important enough to freak out.. i allow myself only a certain number of ‘freak outs’, and the rest of the time i just close my eyes and ears 😛

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