i really enjoyed reading a blog ‘Scary Mommy’ recently where the blogger writes about 15 phases her boys (aged 5+) are going or went through. and that got me thinking about B’s various phases since birth. tiresome, funny, cute, hilarious are just a few words i use to describe those times.

1. Sleep Deprivation. This phase is mostly for the moms when you don’t remember the last time you had a good 5 hours sleep at a stretch. Luckily this phase just lasted for 4-5 months for me when miraculously B decided to sleep full nights, giving me my 7 hours of night sleep again! and just when i thought things are getting easier…

2. On the move. when B wanted to put every choking hazard in his mouth. the highlight of this phase was he gulping down half a magazine and then puking it all out on the floor! my ability to complete any household task was seriously compromised, if not completely destroyed. B would initially crawl on his tummy so i would determine how dirty my house was based on the dirt stuck or collected by his tshirts (i called him a ‘mop’ and would be glad when he would swim on the kitchen floor on his tummy!). and later by the shade of gray (or black) on his knees and on the tops of his feet and palms.

3. Walking. i still remember when he took his first steps independently. there was just no sitting-down for him after that. and that evening we went to the mall and made his ‘nana’ chase him all around the mall while ‘nani’ and i shopped!

4. Carrots. He only wanted to eat carrots. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. He had to get the taste of carrots in every dish he ate. he would finish 2 carrots in a day when he was just 7 months.

5. Anything and everything sweet. if his meals were not sweet, he would not eat. i would take turns to add peas, corn, carrots, kumara in his meals. thankgod this phase did not last long. i hated mashing peas and corn!

6. Only plain roti. this phase still frequently visits B. he will only eat plain roti, without any gravy. unless its mango puree. then its another story all together.

7. The Simpsons. his recent on-going phase and craze. its cute. finally something gets him to sit straight on the sofa on a stretch of 30 minutes.

8. Mickey mouse. this was his phase before the simpsons.

9. Drinking only from a glass. when he was introduced to the glass concept, he wanted to drink water 24/7, only from a glass. he would take a few sips and then tilt the glass 180 deg down. we had wet patches on the carpet for weeks. this phase took a long time to go! sigh…

10. Cheerios. this was his love, and still is. but there was a phase when he only ate cheerios. cheerios was the first item on our shopping list.

11. Burhan eat. it all started when he did not eat for a few days and got me all worried and worked up. that’s when i realised he wanted to eat by himself. he would say ‘Burhan eat’ and would take the spoon from me and feed himself. although this phase tested my patience and was completely messy from M to Y, i am happy this phase happened.

12. read book. B LOVES books so i am not surprised when there were days he would get obsessed with ‘mummy read this book’!! while eating, washing dishes, before sleeping, while cooking etc.

13. You build and i break the blocks. every kid goes through this Lego Blocks phase. B would make M build a ‘big bus’ and he would break it off in secs and the cycle would continue. and once the phase dies off, the blocks are thrown in every corner, waiting to be stamped upon by us! Ouch… this phase comes every 2 months. now he builds and breaks it himself and throws it everywhere!

14. Cars. started after his first bday. there were days when he only played with cars, wanted every car he saw in any shop and would embarrass you in public if he did not get it. yea happened in dubai – he stared angrily at the cashier for taking 5 long secs to scan the car and give it back to him!

15. Drink from all the bottles at home. again this a recurring phase. pour water in different bottles and drink, whether thirsty or not! crazy fascination with bottles!

16. Throw out the boxes/containers. for days and weeks at a stretch this was B’s hobby. Opening the kitchen drawer and throwing out all the containers and lids all over the kitchen floor. So many of my lids got crushed beneath our feet! and once the drawer would be totally empty, he would climb in it. Mission accomplished!

17. Wear all shoes. he was obsessed/over protective of his shoes. he would carry and wear them around the house, put them in the cupboard, on the pantry shelves. i remember he would wear M’s shoes around the house and then remove and put them safely, whereas throw my shoes down!


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