after your baby comes, your life changes. so does the size and contents of your baby. first it was a clutch, now its a travel bag. literally.

Untitled-9i don’t think 10 items will do justice but i shall try. here goes my list for a toddler.

1. Baby wipes. newborn to toddler, this never leaves my bag! Ever.

2. Diapers. 2 diapers atleast for a half day trip.

3. Hand sanitizer. B loves playing dirty. this is a must.

4. Water bottle. have to keep an energized toddler hydrated to avoid crankiness.

5. Snacks. Fruit bar, fruits, biscuits, chips, sandwich. the quantity is directly proportional to the length of the outing.

6. Cap. have to avoid this strong summer sun.

7. Sun cream. a must these days.

8. Extra clothes. a must if going to the beach or any place involving sand and water.

9. Sunglasses. finally something of my use. After all, mummy needs sun protection too.

10. Lipgloss. these days my make up consists of eye liner and lipgloss. only. so i have one lipgloss in every bag i use. for those last minute touch-ups before a selfie! 😉

there’s loads more but without these, i cant leave the house.


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