OMG how many of you have already tried this app over the weekend??! i heard about it this morning on the radio and made a mental note that i have to try it out the minute i reach home. so here i am using it, laughing at it and well as a tad bit annoyed/disappointed.

for those who don’t know about this app, Microsoft has released this new app called all you do is upload your pic/selfie and it analyzes faces and detects the gender and age.


so i am having my own little half-hearted laugh as i have uploaded almost 6-7 pics and it just cant detect my face! and when it does, i am a 41 year old male!! wow talk about some major flaws in the app. i am not too surprised about B’s result as it says hes a 2 year old GIRL. i mean i am so used to him being called a girl since birth that this seems the norm now…sigh. as for M’s result, lets just say i am big time J since his is the only near-accurate result (guys usually don’t mind a few years added to their age).

IMG_7324and now for some reel life fun.



if you still haven’t tried this app, do it now. it will surely brighten up your day with a few laughs at your own expense. but you know what they say; in the end its not your age that matters, but how well you are enjoying and living your years! so go check out this app now. and as for me, i am going to check out some gym memberships, and maybe some yoga classes, and maybe some…



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