Wraps or Frankie are very popular these days. Easy and quick to make, you can also make the filling overnight and refrigerate. I have used cottage cheese but you can also use chicken instead.


Serves 4


Cottage cheese – 500 gms

Onion, sliced –  50 gms

Avocado – 50 gms

Tomato – 50 gms

Capsicum green – 50 gms

Mint chutney – 100 gms

Yoghurt – 100 gms

Indian chapatti or Tortillas – 10 pcs


1. Marinate cottage cheese (paneer), onion and capsicum in tandoori masala for 1 hour and cook on grill or frying pan with little oil till done.

2. Make julienne of tomato and avocado and place on chapatti or tortilla sheet.

3. Add a little yoghurt and mint chutney to the cottage cheese (paneer). place it evenly on the cut vegetables.

4. Roll and wrap the filling tightly inside the chapatti or tortilla. Cut into half and serve with chutney.


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