Meet the Crazzies

The Crazy Us!


Hmm so who are the ‘Us‘?

M – stands for Murtaza. he is the internet nerd and geek. the quiet, reserved and often shy guy who I married in 2010. a total manutd freak! AND the papa of our toddler, B, since Dec 2012. (by the way, you wont be seeing much of M in my posts!)

B- stands for Burhanuddin. our lil toddler; loud, naughty and always upto some mischief! he hogs most of the limelight in my blog. (yes, you will be seeing him every month. and sometimes even twice a month!)

I- stands for Nisreen. an interior designer by profession, a wife, mom and chief by choice. the happy-go-lucky voice, or rather the writer of this site.

This website gives you a preview into our daily crazy lives, my design passion, my kitchen experiments and everything under the sun that catches our attention!

So go ahead, have a read and don’t forget to like, follow and leave a comment below!

(As the kiwis say) Cheers mate!


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