Winter is here in New Zealand. And when you think of winter inspired interiors it’s all about the winter blues and grays and whites. But they don’t have to be a bad thing…I mean the winter palette can be from navy blue, royal blue, baby blue to everything in between.

But when you add a dash of color to it, these cool tones can also be very cozy and warm…just the feeling you want on a chilly winter night.

One of my favorite colors purple, when mixed with a cool gray, gives a very soothing and relaxing feel. Combine it with natural wood tones and it immediately warms up the space.

Turquoise, although a ‘cool’ color, does not really feel cold. Soft gray and white with a splash of color of light metallic blue and turquoise can feel quite warm and welcoming.

Neutral tones can be given a striking edge of sophistication with hues of gold and brown. Simple beige walls can make the gold and brown stand out, making the space warm and cozy.

You can also add olive-green against the winter white to make a dramatic statement. Neutral tones of beige along with gold and copper accents add the warmth to the interior.


Talking about contemporary style, slim lines and smooth surfaces in modular kitchen units maximize flexibility of space along with its aesthetic impact.

For people who spend most of the time in the kitchen, contemporary modular kitchens are perfect. The fusion of furniture design and architecture combines the kitchen into the rest of the home. They can now wash dishes as well as entertain guests in the same space. Kitchens are now transformed into culinary dreams as well as a living space.

Merge the kitchen and living space together to form a single unit.

Strong extending horizontal lines and boldly mounted L-shaped units give the modular kitchen an overall cleanest perspective.

Although I have always admired the traditional design style with its intricate architectural details, I personally have always been a fan of  contemporary and modern design. Simple yet sophisticated life. No clutter, just bold and basic pieces with clean simple lines and subtle sense of sophistication. Simplicity.

A contemporary room doesn’t have ruffles, fringe, busy floral prints, or furniture with fussy carved details. Some of the hallmarks of contemporary interior design include lots of chrome metallic accents and liberal use of glass or mirrors as a way to visually ‘open up’ small spaces. For upholstered furniture, wool, linen, jute, and other fabrics with lots of texture seem to be the most popular choice. Floors are usually bare wood, tile, or vinyl, although many people do choose to incorporate bold geometric patterned rugs into their design scheme to provide a bit of warmth and sound control.


As far as color palettes go, the classic contemporary look relies heavily on black, white, and natural tan colors. However, it’s common for fans of this design style to accent a room with a few bold touches. Oranges, reds and lime greens are the ‘tried-and-tested’ accent colors.

Vertical and horizontal strips is a timeless way boost the room’s energy levels. ‘Strip-up’ the walls to give it more height or make the room more wider. Or simply use it in accessories, furniture, rugs and play with different textures to liven up the space.

I recently came across an interior design site blogging about ‘strip’ trend and how it is still in fashion since last year. Posting some inspiration for you.

The striped rug and cushions against white gives the room’s mood an instant lift.

Strips and swirls add a dash of energy to the ‘brown’ room.

Personally one of my favourite. Love the black and white effect of the striped wall blending with the black curtains and black wall. The green chair cushions are a sharp contrast to the background. Gives an overall perfectly ‘balanced’ contrast.

The very close blue horizontal lines give a dash of bold energy in the bachelor’s bedroom.