June – July ’14

what an eventful month this was! phew!

will never forget the date..it was 19th june 2014 5.10pm when B touched the hot iron with his right hand! to see if it REALLY was hot or mummy just keeps bluffing! that evening followed by 3 other nights was a living nightmare for us. he had a huge water boil on his palm which they punctured after 2 days (and me screaming at the docs for why they wasted the 2 days is another story!). Alhumdolillah his hand is healing perfectly. But my B was the star for taking it all up so bravely! and now he just refuses to enter the room when i am ironing, screaming hot hot and walking out! its cute how he still blows on his hand when asked about his injury.

and just when the docs were ready to remove his bandage for good, he gets school sores! and so to avoid the infection entering the wound, we had to bandage it up again. one week at home, no playgroups, music class or gym! that was a long week for us.

hmmm..apart from this i think the rest of the month went well. with B learning more words, talking more, screaming more. he now says alphabets from A to K. his new obsession is trains. he wont let anyone at the playgroup touch the train set. likes doing art and crafts too. painting, stamping, coloring. his first craft project was a glittered butterfly, now stuck on our fridge.



B is 1½ years old! yay!! 🙂

he has been teething quite a bit this last month. got 2 teeth within a week! and 1 more a week after that, so a total of 9 teeth now. hoping he now chews atleast some of his food rather than just gulp it down! i am really running out of soft-food ideas for him. or for that matter mashing up our food a bit for him. its just not the same and even B knows that. sigh but we are slowly getting to the mouth-full-of-teeth.

i have been trying out some new recipes on B too! and hes eaten them up quite well too. If you’ve missed them, you can find the recipes here.

B’s got his winter’s first cold since more than 2 weeks now! and just when i am about to take a sigh of relief that he’s recovered, his nose starts running again! i guess thats one minus point of playcentres.

yes, hes started playcentres since a month now! just a couple of weeks after coming back from our long holiday. so he’s got a busy schedule throughout the week (and we love it!) with playcentre on mon, tues and fri, wed he goes gyming and thurs its his mainly music. A variety of activities to keep him mentally and physically active. oh and not to forget his swimming on sat. wow my baby’s growing up so fast. its like just one year back he was still crawling around and my arms would be his small world, and now he running around in the big world, making a place for himself. But at the end of the day he still comes running to his small world, calling out mamma loudly, his cheeky smile on his face and kisses on both my cheeks! and i would not want it any other way!

and now back to reality! hes learning some new skills around the house and at playcentres. he now climbs up the slide steps and down the slide by himself. till now he would crawl up the slide and slide down back on his tummy. haha. he knows his fruits, veggies, animals and animal noises. learning alphabets now. A,B, D and G so far. he also helps us around the house by throwing all the rubbish in the bin. and anything else which is rubbish for him goes in there too! but he did once throw his dirty nappy in the bin. without being told.

his love for his teddy is increasing each day. he now tells us to kiss his teddy too! cute but a lil disturbing for M. but still crazy after cars and balls which is a relief for M! he also loves playing in the sand pit. Beaches are now his favourite and our common spot over weekends.

his vocabulary is increasing and it is now easier for him to communicate his wants, or more like demand his wants! its always so amusing to see him scream out what he wants repeatedly! although it sometimes gets confusing for us when he uses the same word to mean multiple things (tatet can mean water or turtle; up means carry me up or i want to get up). sadly he still shakes his head for a yes and a no. he loves his fruit juices and everytime he sees the blender or juicer he screams out joosh in excitement!

and the big activity of the month – he performed his first full day fast! i dnt want to mention the number of walks i took him for on a windy and cold day while he was all cuddled up in him blanket in the stroller. nor will i mention that we were counting out every second in the last 2 hours! the point is he managed to stay hungry the whole day and i sane. way to go us!! another fast coming up in a few months..but that will be M’s day! 🙂





This is one of my overdue posts sitting lazily in my drafts since 2 days. but i shall finish it and publish it today! yess! so here goes…

Sadly the long weekend has ended. And there is not another one in sight in the coming months. But what a lovely weekend it was! And the weather too was just perfect!


We drove down to Long Bay Regional Park on Sunday. it was our first visit there and since B’s current love at playcentre is the sandpit, this was the perfect destination for him. and us! and thats where we had our crazy fun time. B used his own sand toys here for the first time. scooped sand into his little bucket, toys bag and then my bag! screamed and ran behind dogs! oh yes! dogs again! how can his outings be complete without any dog incident. but this time it was a little different. the dog sniffed his bum! hmmm… we also realized B does not like playing with girls. even if she is a cute Russian girl! 🙁 and that was M’s worry that day…


On our return, we got a call from our friends asking if we were up for Mission Bay (another beach site)! so we headed to another beach for the evening. the amazing hot choc brownie and butterscotch pecan cake at Movenpick was the perfect way to end a long day!

Monday was just a relaxing day spent in the kitchen, experimenting out some new recipes. not all turned out the way i expected them to but a couple of them will reach my blog soon!

i know i haven’t posted since a week. its just that the last few days have been (and are going to be) crazy busy for me!

i am taking B to 2 different playgroups three times a week. of which one playgroup (2 days) requires me to drive there, which means i also have to go pick up M from work in the office. no complaints since i get to drive more (i love driving!), but that leaves me with a busy afternoon schedule of feeding a hungry and tired toddler after playgroup, getting him in bed and rushing in the kitchen to prepare dinner before leaving again for M’s office. but i am actually enjoying it. its been a while since i’ve been so occupied. today was his first day at the Plunket Playgroup in Sandringham. its a pretty busy playgroup compared to the others with a huge indoor and outdoor area. it was great fun. Looking forward to tomorrow! Need to remind myself to click more pics tomorrow!

Plunket Playgroup

Plunket Playgroup

i am also taking him to Manly Music sessions. thursday is his first day. lets see how that goes.

oh did you notice a change in my website? yes, this was taking most of my post-dinner time. and is still taking. you know at the start, it just seemed a simple change in theme and designing a header image. But its hard work convincing a designer’s mind and a geeky nerd. So don’t be surprised if you see some new changes now and then. btw, how does it look as of now?

and i am also working on adding some new topics. Kids’ product reviews, on-going kids activities around town, must-watch videos etc. SO a lot of new stuff going to happen here so do keep an eye out for that!


April – May 2014

B has grown so much in this past month and he is continuing to learn and mature quite fast.

he started walking backwards somewhere in april, for a few days and didn’t do it much after that. hmm..not as much fun as crawling backwards i assume! oh ya he still crawls backwards now and then and enjoys it!

his first day at playgroup was just not how i had imagined! i thought he would not freely go and cry and stick to me, but instead he just held on to me till he got used to the place (which was for 1 min, literally!) and then ran off, did not even bother to turn around  and see if i was following him! playing, running around, screaming excitedly (yes he was the loudest!), it did not look like it was his first day there. i just sat with other moms admiring how B had so easily opened up to the world, interacting with other kids, sometimes being his carefree self, sometimes a bit cautious. And occasionally calling out to me and smiling, telling me relax mamma! i am growing up and having fun, dont worry too much, i am just fine!

all that said and done, growing up comes with its own huge baggage! B’s fussiness is increasing by the day…the outsome? i am learning his new likes and dislikes in food at every meal time. creamy gravies with roti is in, dry dishes is out, potatoes in any form (except fries) is still out, palak paneer in, chicken in, pizza in, plain rice is still in, bananas out, grapes in, recently butter chicken in, dal out, kheer (rice pudding) in, cake out, milk out!

B has reduced his milk intake by almost half! it’s a struggle getting him to finish his morning milk! So now I have started to give him banana milkshake in morning in the hope that a flavour change will help. 3 days down and going good..till his next flavour change!

he has transitioned from 2 day naps to 1, which means hes awake more hours! Oh boy! but thankfully hes flat out by 8pm.

oh he’s recently started this new teddy bear craze! B is soo madly attached to his 2 teddys (one huge and the other medium sized). Cuddles them, kisses them, carries them along with him everywhere, while eating, sleeping..! its funny but also cute how he looks after them, not leaving them alone etc. The teddy’s gone to the park on the swings with him too (thankfully the medium sized one, cant imagine fitting B and the huge one on a swing together!)!

B had his first pyjama party with 8 girls! And he slept at 10.30pm! hehee i forced him to! Ohh his big teddy had joined him here too! 🙂

besides the playing, hes also learning a lot of new stuff. Fruits, veggies, animals, animal noises (meow is meemom for him), names of random stuff around. yes which means his talking has increased even more!

oh talking about talking, don’t be surprised if you call on our landline and B greets you on the phone! he’s answered the phone twice, talking away in his glory. now when the landline rings, i search for B and race to the phone!

the activity….or accident of the month – B had his first major fall last week. bruised his forehead, nose and upper lip! my baby! and M called him little red riding hood, Rudolph the red nosed..! how mean na!

Cannot wait for next month. He turns 18 months! 1½ years old! Party time for sure.