“It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.” Charles Spurgeon

our last weekend was just this! especially for B. no expensive places, no formal dinners. just a simple trip down to Western Springs and Mission Bay. its amazing how kids find happiness in the smallest of places, in the simplest of forms.

Western Springs

Western Springs

we made a last-minute plan of going down to western springs saturday afternoon. A place for B to see the ducks and birds, walk along the lake and run on the grass! he loves the open spaces where he can just walk and run around aimlessly. But just as we reached our destination, we saw B had dozed off! a 30 min wait in the parking till B energized himself. Worth it as B surely had a good time pointing and screaming out birds, ducky and tatet (water) all along. he also fed a duck a piece of bread (i am too scared to do that so its a big thing for me!) for the first time but got a shock when the duck snatched it from his hands! he did not dare go near a duck the rest of the evening!

Western Springs

Western Springs

Mission Bay

Mission Bay

a few hours on Mission Bay on sunday also proved to be a hit for B. whether its playing on the slides, just running around the playground seeing other kids or just sitting on the beach throwing sand everywhere. Toddlers always bring out the best from the simplest of situations. and sometimes we adults forget this. Our lesson learnt this weekend!

oh i forgot to mention the main action of this weekend. B walked upto a dog sitting near a bench (on Mission Bay) and gave a good pull at his hair! So grateful to the dog he spared our lil B!!


Not a very interesting month except for the fact that B was in 3 countries in 1 month! haha Dubai, India and finally NZ. he had an awesome trip with his Yaya, Yayi and baba (Nana, Nani and Masi) in Dubai; Dada, Dadi, Mama, Mami in India, and his bhai and babu (Ammar and Sr.B). and he missed them all the initial days. its reduced now. you could see it when he went around the house calling out for them randomly. and then the happiness on his face when he chats with his Yaya on skype! haha toddlers!

the one week in India too didn’t go too well with B and I sick most of the time. Poor B was so drained out due to his acute diarrhea, he just slept the whole day speechless. i missed his amusing vocabulary so much then. we all did.

talking about vocabulary, B is expanding his vocabulary each day. it’s so amazing how he learns words so fast. and he tries to repeat us even if it does not sound the same. he follows our instructions like “get that”, “take this”, “put this down”, etc. and similarly he uses his vocabulary to put his needs and wants across to us. even if that means just repeating one same word frustratingly or pointing at it endlessly till we guess his need. but he recognises his food by name, knows where his food is stored in the kitchen, so that makes half our work easy. well not always but i want to look at the bright side of things!

talking about kitchen, B likes to keep his shoes in the kitchen pantry shelves! haha and reason? hmmm maybe they are as imp to him as his food! his daily fuels; food and going out (babba)! its crazy and amusing to see him come up with new antics everyday!

his curiosity to explore the world around him continues and increases each day. he just cant walk for 30 secs straight without stopping to pick something up from the ground, scream at an on-goer or simply turn and head in the opp direction. his latest excitement – plucking flowers in our driveway and pulling out its petals!

he still continues to want to eat by himself. for which i am happy but sometimes frustrations arise at both ends when it gets all messy. and this is just the start i guess…sigh! but hey on bright side, atleast he eats about everything i cook and give him. AND he doesn’t mind a repeat meal. thank you B! his appetite has increased and enjoys our meals (minus the chili). so i now search for recipes which do not necessarily require chili for taste. not a bad change for us too.

so on the whole, B matured and learnt quite a bit during the trip to grandparents’. but one thing that went wrong was his sleeping pattern. he is so used to falling asleep on the bed next to me, he hates going back in his cot now. its like he’s forgotten how to fall asleep alone. it’s a fight between us everytime i have to put him to sleep. night is not an issue but i don’t really look forward to his morning and afternoon naps. Nor does he! I’ve been through this before when he was learning to sleep alone. and now again?! really? hoping he settles down sooner than i think he will. *fingers crossed*

Last month has been quite eventful for B. And for us. B’s Fever, cold, cough, my throat infection, our lack of food for 3 days, his walking, late nights, dancing, talking etc. it was a long tiring month.

February saw B down with a cold and cough, and then a week later again high fever, cold and cough. Those were the sleepless nights for me with B’s coughing sessions every hr on the hour the whole night. Thanks to wattpad for helping me survive those days and nights! Oh and not to mention the fussy eating sessions. Can’t blame him to have any taste after all those meds! But my strong boy fought and is back to his eating sprees!

And now for some lighter, happy news! He’s walking! Alone! Full on! Yess! Haha he took his time but now that he is walking he just doesn’t want to stop! He refuses to hold our hand anymore and will just go wondering where ever he wishes to. You call him to follow you, and he will just turn away and go his way. Oh and he loves climbing stairs. Wherever he sees them, he will drag you to it, hold your hand and start his happy journey up and down!

He’s learning quite a few things here and there. So far he has learnt to say babu (baby), water, car, cap, light, bag, sun, socks, shoes, turtle, Maula. he will point at them and scream out their name excitedly.

He’s found this new happiness in holding spoons and socks and roaming around the house! Don’t ask! But there were days when he has slept holding pens, socks, balm bottle! He’s still really attached to socks. Not anyone’s socks. Just his.

I just realised a few weeks back that his two-finger-sucking habit has gone! Maybe it stopped sometime in Cambay because I don’t remember him doing it when we came back to Dubai this second time. Yay finally!

It’s so cute seeing him do his little dance when the music comes on! Haha daddy says he looks like those battery-operated dancing dolls shaking their waists and dancing! My belly dancer. Oops I meant my hrithik roshan! And now he also dances if he likes some food he is eating or just feels happy. you laugh at him, and he will laugh along with you!

Oh and he also dances when his nursery rhymes are on. His all time fav being baba black sheep. Oh how happy he gets when the sheep comes on the screen. He starts clapping and imitates the sheep’s sound so near-perfectly! In fact he associates Masi and her room by baba. The min he sees her or enters her room, he starts baba!

He’s now onto straw bottles for his water and milk. It was an easy transition for him. He’s also started on cow milk. Started the transition when I reached Dubai and maybe in a week he will be fully on cow milk. Finally no more carrying hot water and formula everywhere.

He now refuses his bland food and enjoys our food minus the chili. Gone are those boiling, steaming veggies days. Thank God!

He loves his teeth-brush time. He gets so happy seeing his toothbrush. Obviously he swallows the paste at every chance he gets. And then gives me his sad look when I tell him it’s over. Haha my drama king!

And now the highlight of last month. You know how people say to keep doors and cabinets locked around toddlers. So if you don’t have locks on doors, you will find clothes, bottles and even all your shoes out! And a happy satisfied toddler sitting in the middle of it all!

Phew, he’s growing so fast, learning so much, and reacting in ways which always surprise us! Loads more stuff in store next month. I am sure!

Did quite some travelling; from Mumbai to Cambay, Ahmedabad, and now Dubai. Attended my cousin’s wedding. First time B posed for cameras post midnight! We made him wear my Rida, put pink and purple hair clips in his hair! He had a ball of a time with my cousins pampering him from right left and centre! And a special mention of my cousin Taher, who B was soo fond of from the sec he saw him. B literally stuck to him every time, everywhere! He refused to come to me and happily stayed with Taher during the wedding functions! So glad for such babysitters!! I mean cousins…

He’s now beginning to enjoy all the outside savouries. No matter how much you try not to give your kid outside food till a later age, you can’t always refuse the just one bite from relatives. So he’s eaten sutarfeni, gota, halvason, sev, papri. His fav being papri.

He repeats everything you say like a parrot. An adorably loud parrot. Kya hai being his all time fav!

He loves going out and staying out! anyone he sees going out, he throws himself onto that person! he certainly spent more time with cousins and relatives than with me at home.

He now stands by himself without any support. started it first at my cousin’s place in Ahmedabad in Jan. he walks with the support of the furniture.

B’s already half way into his 10th month, and i am so late for his 9th month post! he just keeps me super busy, searching and removing him from all the corners of the house!

last month was full of mood swings, crankiness and what not! B’s doc finally confirmed hes teething for sure this time. He gets these ear pains due to which he keeps pulling and scratching his ears. almost every morning we see a new scratch and blood clot in his ear! ouch..

and he’s becoming a fussy eater too! is it one of the side affects of teething? i don’t know, but it surely tests my patience (which i have very little of)! lunch is still fine but dinner is a roller coaster ride for us. hence i now handover B’s dinner bowl to M. its become so difficult to cook for him now. his one time fav veggies are no longer on his list. Sweet potato, squash, pumpkin..no no! eggs also didn’t go down too well with him. AND he will not repeat his lunch for dinner! every meal is my experiment and a hope that he likes it.

with the arrival of spring and days becoming longer, B has started his evening park trips. it’s a good walk for me and B loves the swings and slides.

B’s fascination with laptops continue. he jumps with joy on seeing a laptop and leaps for it. he uses M’s laptop for his hourly workout sessions! he goes on all his fours (crawling position), climbs onto the laptop, makes a bridge by going on his palms and toes..he discovers new ways to reach items, new body positions..its so fascinating to watch him do different and new stunts every time!

his latest fav room in the house (besides the kitchen) is the bathroom. he crawls off to the bathroom when he gets the chance and sleeps next to his bathtub!

and finally his activity of the month – he broke my headphones! 3 pieces! don’t ask how!