I am back to NZ, to my 3 year old home, to my routine, to my life. and as much as i enjoyed my long (and overdue) 4.5 month holiday, i must say it felt good to be back to my home. not that dubai and india is not my home, but this is my OWN home, you know. the home i set the way i want to live. but having said this, i must add (ironically) that the first initial days felt a bit alien-ish for me. for one, i actually had to think for a few secs where the kitchen or dining room light switches were. seriously! and to top it all, B’s jet lag! we slept at 5.30am the first morning, 4.30am the next, 2,30am the next, 12.30am the next and finally 10.30pm! and today 9.00pm. and due to these morning sleep sessions, i never really saw the sunny NZ mornings. nor the afternoons!

and now, 7 days post my arrival in NZ, life is busy with a super active toddler. oh and he turns 16 months today! his increased vocabulary, communication skills, affections, tantrums, mood swings..sometimes amusing, sometimes surprising. but all this for another post (one of the many posts sitting in my drafts).





Coz it’s ur bday M..coz it’s ur special day today..this post is for you my M!

Remember the 100 reasons I love you video I made you for our 1st anniv? Well now you get 100 reasons I hate you..ok not hate maybe let’s say don’t like. And also maybe not 100, that’s too many.. And you are not that bad too! 😉 So let me just start the list and then see how many reasons we get in the end. So here I go.. Read on!

Reasons I don’t like you

1) Why are you so unromantic at times (most of the times) that I end up getting mad at you! (Or do you do this on purpose???)

2) How can a guy be so calm and patient and not lose it at all? Not even once? When do I get to see you angry? Even a little bit..

3) I remember how your wardrobe used to be full of only black and blue! I dint like that. I still don’t like part of it ( you get the hint of what’s going to happen when I come yea?!)

4) You can stay awake for Football and manutd matches even if it’s late at night but not for my Hindi movies!

5) Why is it that you Cook like a chef in my absence but show a dumb face (well most of the time) when I am around??

6) Who sleeps at 10.30pm on a weekend night??

7) I totally don’t like how B always clings to you the min he sees you! (But now I will actually love it, he’s getting a handful by the day!)

Hmmm…Sigh dint know it would be so hard to make this list. Haven’t even reached 10..! Ah got one!

8) You can get up at 6am on a weekend to go play some sport at 8, but won’t do it if I asked you to for my work! (Not that I would get up at 6 but that’s beside the point..)

9) I hate, totally hate your one word oki text replies to my 10 lines!

10) I don’t like the fact that I am again not with you on your bday, to wish you, to gift you, to bake for u, to see your reaction on reading this! And it better be more than your oki!!

I think I will stop at this, (not coz I can’t think of more points, no no) but it’s your bday, let’s give you a break! 😉


P.S. You can have a look at the 100 reasons I love you video again for an ego boost! 😉

B’s already half way into his 10th month, and i am so late for his 9th month post! he just keeps me super busy, searching and removing him from all the corners of the house!

last month was full of mood swings, crankiness and what not! B’s doc finally confirmed hes teething for sure this time. He gets these ear pains due to which he keeps pulling and scratching his ears. almost every morning we see a new scratch and blood clot in his ear! ouch..

and he’s becoming a fussy eater too! is it one of the side affects of teething? i don’t know, but it surely tests my patience (which i have very little of)! lunch is still fine but dinner is a roller coaster ride for us. hence i now handover B’s dinner bowl to M. its become so difficult to cook for him now. his one time fav veggies are no longer on his list. Sweet potato, squash, pumpkin..no no! eggs also didn’t go down too well with him. AND he will not repeat his lunch for dinner! every meal is my experiment and a hope that he likes it.

with the arrival of spring and days becoming longer, B has started his evening park trips. it’s a good walk for me and B loves the swings and slides.

B’s fascination with laptops continue. he jumps with joy on seeing a laptop and leaps for it. he uses M’s laptop for his hourly workout sessions! he goes on all his fours (crawling position), climbs onto the laptop, makes a bridge by going on his palms and toes..he discovers new ways to reach items, new body positions..its so fascinating to watch him do different and new stunts every time!

his latest fav room in the house (besides the kitchen) is the bathroom. he crawls off to the bathroom when he gets the chance and sleeps next to his bathtub!

and finally his activity of the month – he broke my headphones! 3 pieces! don’t ask how!

B turns 9. Last month he did a bunch of new stuff, ate a lot of new foods and expressed a lot of new emotions!

Start of his 8th month saw B sit in his new high chair he had won. What a pose he gave for the camera! He now has all his meals high up in the chair (I have to persuade him to sit patiently in there till his meal is over!) the restless guy that he is from his day one, it’s a tough task to make him sit in there for a long time. He just wants to be left on the floor so he can go swimming around everywhere. Yea sadly he still pulls himself on his tummy everywhere.

B’s 2 favourite places in the house are the kitchen and under-the-dining-table, besides his bed! He comes in the kitchen, does 3-4 clockwise turns on the floor and cleans up the kitchen for me! That’s my B!

He now also stands with some support. Prop him against the sofa with some of his toys or near the water feature (he loves looking at flowing water) and he will self entertain (for just about 5mins max!). And then he’s bored again!

As far as his food goes, he tried many new foods last month, from which parle g biscuits are his fav! He started egg but don’t think he liked it much. Infact the first time I gave some egg yolk to him, he took out his tongue and gave me a what are you feeding me? look! So now this also gets mixed in with the rest of his breakfast. He does not like broccoli, it’s a pain to feed him mixed veggies. He loved my bland version of cheesy pasta. So the second time I mixed his mashed veggies with pasta. I sometimes feel bad how he so enjoys my weird food combos. But hey till hes enjoying it and getting all the healthy stuff, I am not complaining!

He’s become more expressive with his emotions. he bangs his hands, opens his mouth wide and jumps when hes happy. he tilts his head on his side and looks at you to give his puppy-face pose. he will strongly shake his head no if he doesn’t want something or disapproves of your actions. no amount of distraction or persuasion will then change his decision! he screams LOUD the min he sees food and will stop only when he has tasted it.

And the grand incident of his 8th month; he tore his mink blanket! Yes he did, and I was shocked when I saw it. How did he do it?? How can a 8 month baby tear a mink blanket? But I guess this generation can do anything now! And sadly it was such a cozy winter gift from our couple friend..

Waiting for his other surprises lined up for me next month. Or am i?

B turns 8. last month (7 months old) saw quite a few events in his life.

firstly he celebrated his first Eid! we celebrated at our friend’s place (B’s jejee’s place) like every year. He got his first Eidis too!! yaayy! its so funny how i get so excited for all his firsts while B just enjoys it like any other day! he also experienced his first ramadan and sitting and eating from a thaal (which i think he really liked because most of the time i was just being a referee!!).

He’s also developed a love for iphones and laptops! scary i know! the sec he sees a laptop, he’ll start his journey towards it. he shows a super naughty expression as he reaches out for the laptop and bangs on the keyboard, drools and once it gets messy, he’ll very innocently stare at the screen (and wait till i come and clean up for him so he can start playing again!). same with iphones! traditionally you used toys to call a baby to you, but here its phones. show him your phone and he’s sitting in your lap the very next sec!

His blabberings and screaming has increased a lot in the past month. screams of joy, excitement, anger, no-reason! he now says atata, tee tee and yumma/mamma. i wait for his nap times for some peace. i have no doubts he’s going to be one LOUD fellow!

He still crawls on his tummy and drags himself everywhere on his elbows. and sadly he just cant play by himself anymore. i surround him with his toys but as soon as he sees me leave the room, he will start his search for me. loudly. and once he sees me in the kitchen, he’ll come in the kitchen, bang the floor to tell ‘I’ve come’ (just incase i didn’t see or hear him entering!). sigh, its become just so difficult to keep him on carpeted floor.

He has 2 new face expressions which he’s so addicted to. he’s recently started to frown and bring his eyebrows together. and although they say you should not frown n all, honestly it looks too cute on him! he has also started making a big ‘O’ with his lips, eyes wide open. sort of surprised look and it looks hilarious!! but sadly he doesn’t do that often yet.

Oh and how can i forget the BIG news. He ate a magazine!! yes actually ate 4-5 papers of a magazine on the day of Eid!! i freaked out when he vomited and i saw big black lumps in it. my eyes quickly fell on a half eaten magazine behind him. thankgod nothing happened to him. infact he was back to his atata a min after the accident!

Wonder what other accidents are in store in his 8th month. but for now, the house needs some serious baby-proofing!