Last weekend we celebrated lil B’s half year bday!! 6 months already..cant believe it! i cant even sit and imagine how fast these 6 months went past. i remember when he was small and the baby chores were taking my life, i just wanted him to grow up a few months, get more manageable. those days, time seemed to crawl. and now when i look back, those months seem to have gone by so fast!!

And so to celebrate lil B’s 6 month journey and our 6 months into parenthood, i baked a yummy 2 tier choc mud cake!! there is nothing compared to the satisfaction and happiness you get in making and decorating your own cake from scratch!

Choc Mud cake

Choc Mud Cake


… with my baby!!

Yes yess you read it right…my baby! my 5 month old naughty son! my lil B!

OMG i am finally blogging again after almost 6 months…so much has changed..

The past 6 months have made me a mummy, i’ve learnt to cook meals in 40 mins (yea my son’s naps are exactly 40 mins long!), my sleep has reduced by half (literally), its now nappy bags instead of clutches, our weekend trips are now to baby-friendly destinations, my hair have the sweet scent of baby milk and saliva, i don’t remember when was the last time i saw my house clean, i love the 40 mins of silence in the house, it just takes me 10 mins to get ready now… i think the list will go on and on, but all said and done, this is a time i wont exchange for anything else! the way B smiles when he sees his parents after he wakes up, his screams of joy, his blabberings, his laughter when we play peek-a-boo..everything is simply amazing!

it is soo true when they say life changes after a baby enters your life. all our work and outings now revolve around B and according to his timings. haha my life before B now seems so boring. everyday is an adventure and trial with B. and it’s already 6 months of this madness. Yea my B is going to turn a half year next month! wow time flies so fast. and yes i am planning something for that day too. Any ideas??

ok i think i hear B talking to his teddy bear. his 40 mins are over and so are mine. gotta go but will surely write more often now. feels so good to be back to blogging! 🙂

Its his bday today! YaYaay!! lil prince turns 3 today!!…my LOUD, handsome, naughty, cute, mischievous YET simply adorable nephew Ammar completes 3 awesome years today!! 🙂

Ammar’s caption: Dont go by my looks. I’m here to bug you!

I met him the first time when he came to Dubai last year & I had the best 3 months with him! My sister was teaching him how to address everyone in the family and instead of calling me Masi (Aunt) he preferred Nishi (since everyone calls me Nishu or Nish at home he thought of being a little different)! He still doesn’t call me Masi and I love the way he says Nishi. He was shy at first but after the first few days, he was full-on his naughty self! I would come back from work to see my room been hit by an earthquake! Seriously. The three months I had almost forgotten the color of my room carpet. We could never see it! He particularly loved my dressing table items. He had this fascination for my nail polishes, creams, perfumes and hair accessories. I feared he would become a Barbie. Thank god for his car craze now!

I still remember when I would come back home in the afternoon after work tired and wanting to sleep for an hour before going to mosque, he would insist I play with him. He would just pretend to sleep next to my sister and the minute I would enter the room he would get up and drag me outside the room to play. I would scream at him and pretend to be angry but who listens at that age of two! He hated sleep. He still does! He wouldn’t sleep till 2am at night everyday! He would walk around the room hoping someone would get up to entertain him & vice versa. The minute we would switch off the lights, he would shriek. Yea, those were 3 sleepless months for me! sigh.. But then somehow in the end, he always made it worth.

I couldn’t wait to get back home from work to see him up to some new mischief. Wearing my tops,my hair bands in his hands and legs, emptying my creams on the carpet, throwing his cars in all the difficult corners of the house, hiding the TV remotes (I think we still haven’t found one remote), breaking my favorite watch, etc; he was a 24/7 entertainer! He still is. He loved staying outside the house. He would throw a tantrum if he didn’t go out every single day!

No doubt he is a big time drama-king. He is showered with love right, left and center. He is showered with gifts by his grandparents all year round (first grandchild after all!). Touchwood! Am actually jealous of my sister for having him. But can’t complain much since he is going to be my son-in-law too! 🙂

To these memories and many more cherished ones…Ammar, may you LIVE all the days of your life! When you were born, you were so surprised you didn’t speak for a year and half. Now you never fail to surprise us!

HAPPIEEE BIRTHDAAYYYYY!!! :D:D Nishi loves u & misses u THIISSSSSS muchh..!!