my first reaction on holding the nappy pant was ‘wow its so soft!’

Untitled-4what i like about this product –
its got a perfectly snug fit, the waist band elastic is just tight enough to hold on even when the nappy is almost full (I’ve got a previous experience wherein the nappy falls half down when full). the outer material is so soft to the touch, it doesn’t irritate the skin (not once did B pull or tug on his nappy, which otherwise is quite a common sight).

what i did not like about this product –
the waist band is not adjustable. for B i did not need to tighten it since the waist is quite stretchy for his size.

Definitely impressed!


Have you tried.. i mean has your wee one tried..the new BabyLove nappy and nappy pants? its a new Australian brand, recently started its market in New Zealand. they are giving out free DRIwave nappy samples so i signed up for it. just got them in the mail last week. there are a couple of points about these nappies that i liked.

the main issue i have with nappies is the rashes it causes. B has had a few bad occasions of nappy rash. hence the first thing i look for in a nappy is the elastic. these nappies have a very soft yet stretchy elastic on both sides, so it does not cause rashes on the skin, even when the nappy is full.  so even if i forget to apply nappy rash cream, its fine. For the whole night!! i know yea!

when i removed the nappy from the envelope, i was tricked by the size of it! it looked smaller than B’s current nappy, although it was the same size. But it fit him so nice and snuggly. also the top cover of the nappy is real soft.

they also have nappy pants for toddlers and walkers and this is what i am interested in. B hates being pinned down for nappy change and i am now looking out for nappy pants for him. sadly BabyLove is not sending out sample for nappy pants. Would love to have a trial of these. nappy pants are more pricey than normal nappies (of any brand) so a trial would be awesome BabyLove!!

Rice cereals are the best start a mom would give her child!

Farex Rice Cereal

At 6 months, B started his first solids by Farex baby rice cereal. This is actually for 4 months+ but i started solids at 6 months since it did not go down too well with B at 4 months. I mixed one teaspoon of Farex with enough boiled cool water and he would literally jump on the oncoming spoon! This portion once a day was a good start for his little tummy. Slowly i increased the spoon quantities and substituted water with a fruit puree. A different fruit every 3 days for breakfast and i had a happy-tummy baby!

Farex Baby Cereals

There are many reasons why i choose Farex, the main being its iron content. Its rich in iron, one of the most important ingredients for growing babies. Farex cereals are free from added sugar, preservatives and artificial colours or flavours. Their cereals are specially designed to match each stage in our baby’s development. I also really liked the fruit combos in their cereals. B really liked the banana and pear rice cereal. I would sometimes add extra fruit puree in his cereal for his little hungry stomach.

B has also eaten the multigrain cereals and muesli, but that’s for another review!