Its his bday today! YaYaay!! lil prince turns 3 today!!…my LOUD, handsome, naughty, cute, mischievous YET simply adorable nephew Ammar completes 3 awesome years today!! 🙂

Ammar’s caption: Dont go by my looks. I’m here to bug you!

I met him the first time when he came to Dubai last year & I had the best 3 months with him! My sister was teaching him how to address everyone in the family and instead of calling me Masi (Aunt) he preferred Nishi (since everyone calls me Nishu or Nish at home he thought of being a little different)! He still doesn’t call me Masi and I love the way he says Nishi. He was shy at first but after the first few days, he was full-on his naughty self! I would come back from work to see my room been hit by an earthquake! Seriously. The three months I had almost forgotten the color of my room carpet. We could never see it! He particularly loved my dressing table items. He had this fascination for my nail polishes, creams, perfumes and hair accessories. I feared he would become a Barbie. Thank god for his car craze now!

I still remember when I would come back home in the afternoon after work tired and wanting to sleep for an hour before going to mosque, he would insist I play with him. He would just pretend to sleep next to my sister and the minute I would enter the room he would get up and drag me outside the room to play. I would scream at him and pretend to be angry but who listens at that age of two! He hated sleep. He still does! He wouldn’t sleep till 2am at night everyday! He would walk around the room hoping someone would get up to entertain him & vice versa. The minute we would switch off the lights, he would shriek. Yea, those were 3 sleepless months for me! sigh.. But then somehow in the end, he always made it worth.

I couldn’t wait to get back home from work to see him up to some new mischief. Wearing my tops,my hair bands in his hands and legs, emptying my creams on the carpet, throwing his cars in all the difficult corners of the house, hiding the TV remotes (I think we still haven’t found one remote), breaking my favorite watch, etc; he was a 24/7 entertainer! He still is. He loved staying outside the house. He would throw a tantrum if he didn’t go out every single day!

No doubt he is a big time drama-king. He is showered with love right, left and center. He is showered with gifts by his grandparents all year round (first grandchild after all!). Touchwood! Am actually jealous of my sister for having him. But can’t complain much since he is going to be my son-in-law too! 🙂

To these memories and many more cherished ones…Ammar, may you LIVE all the days of your life! When you were born, you were so surprised you didn’t speak for a year and half. Now you never fail to surprise us!

HAPPIEEE BIRTHDAAYYYYY!!! :D:D Nishi loves u & misses u THIISSSSSS muchh..!!

  1. A fire in Australia has been burning for more than 5000 years! OMG..need to research where..
  2. Every US president has worn glasses. not really…just googled their pics now..hmm..maybe reading glasses..
  3. On the penny, Abe Lincoln faces to the right while all other presidents on other coins face to the left.
  4. Mosquitoes have teeth. teeny tiny ones.. :p
  5. The planet Earth is the only planet not named after a god. come to think of it..yes..!
  6. An Indian man grew his finger nails to the length of 76 inches. ewww…!!
  7. 97% of all money printed in the US contains some cocaine.
  8. Size for size, the hair on men’s beards is as strong as copper wire. hmm…shall pull and check..
  9. Hitler was a vegetarian.
  10. The oldest piece of chewing gum is 9000 years old.
  11. There are no clocks in Las Vegas casinos. shall google this too..
  12. Researchers in Canada have found that Einstein’s brain was 15% wider than normal. not surprising…
  13. Albert Einstein never wore any socks. hmm..wonder y..
  14. A component of toothpaste is made from recycled tin. really? need to check my toothpaste ingredients…
  15. The trunk of an elephant can hold 4 gallons of water. water reservoir…

Yesterday was a memorable/interesting day for 2 reasons.

1)      I did what I love! Designed the new office for ‘sy Engage’. Pooja Mahajan you’re a sweetheart for recommending me (see I didn’t use ‘thankyou’)! My first design project in Auckland and enjoyed every moment of it. The creative team at sy Engage was so friendly and welcoming (unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to meet the whole team); I had a creative time brainstorming there after a long time. And the best part was I got to work with the colors I love; red, white, grey and black (coincidentally the company’s brand colors too)! What I really liked there was that Simon Young and his team is so focused on what they are doing (Social media marketing), they have a reason behind each color, which they stand for soo passionately! Giving the space a young and dynamic feel was surely a great challenge! Space planning, color coordination and furniture selection/placement for their 2 studios – truly the highlight of my day!

2)      And since I was in the city, which was buzzing with sales, how can I not shop! (And plus I was waiting for Murtaza to finish his work to go home together..if this counts for a good excuse..) And from here starts the interesting part of my day. We sat in the wrong bus (actually it was M who made us sit in the wrong bus..since am still new to the buses here, I just followed him)! The bus did go half way to our place and then on to the route it was supposed to. And that’s when my dear M asks me “Where is the bus going? Which bus are we on??!!” He got my best ‘ur-dead’ look till date. I walked for a good 30 minutes back home in a 2 inch heels! Ofcourse screaming at him every second of it!

Morals of yesterday: It’s always a pleasure to work with companies with a vivid imagination like sy Engage. AND…

Don’t expect much from husbands after you’ve debited their card!

Talking about contemporary style, slim lines and smooth surfaces in modular kitchen units maximize flexibility of space along with its aesthetic impact.

For people who spend most of the time in the kitchen, contemporary modular kitchens are perfect. The fusion of furniture design and architecture combines the kitchen into the rest of the home. They can now wash dishes as well as entertain guests in the same space. Kitchens are now transformed into culinary dreams as well as a living space.

Merge the kitchen and living space together to form a single unit.

Strong extending horizontal lines and boldly mounted L-shaped units give the modular kitchen an overall cleanest perspective.

Although I have always admired the traditional design style with its intricate architectural details, I personally have always been a fan of  contemporary and modern design. Simple yet sophisticated life. No clutter, just bold and basic pieces with clean simple lines and subtle sense of sophistication. Simplicity.

A contemporary room doesn’t have ruffles, fringe, busy floral prints, or furniture with fussy carved details. Some of the hallmarks of contemporary interior design include lots of chrome metallic accents and liberal use of glass or mirrors as a way to visually ‘open up’ small spaces. For upholstered furniture, wool, linen, jute, and other fabrics with lots of texture seem to be the most popular choice. Floors are usually bare wood, tile, or vinyl, although many people do choose to incorporate bold geometric patterned rugs into their design scheme to provide a bit of warmth and sound control.


As far as color palettes go, the classic contemporary look relies heavily on black, white, and natural tan colors. However, it’s common for fans of this design style to accent a room with a few bold touches. Oranges, reds and lime greens are the ‘tried-and-tested’ accent colors.